Resisting the Rancher – Kadie Scott – Book Review

Resisting the rancher

In Resisting the Rancher we meet Williams and Rusty who end up in a fake relationship that might not be so fake after all. RESISTING THE RANCHER by Kadie Scott Publication Date:  July 30, 2018 Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance Publisher: Tule Publishing Source: Publisher Story Rating: 4/ 5 Review: Yay, cowboys! We all love them. I wasn’t sold on the … Read moreResisting the Rancher – Kadie Scott – Book Review

11 Books for Introverts

Books for introverts

I’ve compiled this list of books for introverts because believe reading is one of the most powerful acts of self care a person can partake in. A good book is a powerful thing. It can provide a world to escape to when everything seems too much, it can also provide guidance on everyday life situations. There is nothing like the written word to make a person feel accepted and validated. 

Playboy by Katy Evans

Playboy by Katy Evans

It isn’t a secret I’m quite fond of my book boyfriends. Thing is, there are few I would be interested in off the pages. Only two, in fact,  and Cullen is one.  I know everyone is wondering who the other one is. His name is Tahoe from Ladies Man which is also by Katy Evans and also in the Manwhore series. If you’re looking for a book-boyfriend, this series is a must read.