A Kiss to Tell by Willow Winters

A Kiss to Tell by Willow Winters

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In a Kiss to Tell we meet Chloe and Sebastian. Two people with secrets, fighting to escape their tragic pasts.

A Kiss to Tell

A KISS TO TELL by Willow Winters

Publication Date:  August 12, 2018
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Source: Give Me Books Promotions
Length: 219 pages
Story Rating: 3.5/5

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This is a 3.5-star book for me.

Let’s start with the good things. That cover is gorgeous. The writing was phenomenal. It’s rare for me to feel everything the characters do and Willow Winters conveyed Chloe’s emotions and fear perfectly. This was an emotional story.

Now for the not so good stuff. We’ve all heard those horror stories when someone buys a used book and there are pages missing. Although this was an e-book I wondered if that happened. I caught myself going back and forth several times to see if I missed pages. It wasn’t a good feeling. I have so many questions that weren’t answered, so many blanks that need to be filled in. Perhaps, many of these questions are because I didn’t read Merciless first. If anyone has read them both, I would love to know if it would help. But, in my defense, this book was labeled as a stand-alone.

It’s a haunting story and if it was done right, I’d be thinking about it for weeks to come. Instead, I’m left feeling as though some very important things were missing. We start in what feels like the middle of Chloe and Sebastian’s relationship, then we skip huge parts of their story, we have a couple interactions then we’re several years later in the epilogue.

Few things will entice me to read a book like the promise of secrets. I love those moments where the characters share their secrets with each other and realize they had no reason to worry. It’s beautiful to watch the barriers fall away and see their relationship grow without the secrets between them. The synopsis promised secrets, it’s why I wanted this book. It’s also my biggest disappointment. Sebastion has a big secret, although he does tell the reader, he never tells Chloe.

Overall, A Kiss to Tell was a haunting and emotional tale that left me wanting more. It was a quick read and perfect for those summer days when you just want to relax with a book.

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9 thoughts on “A Kiss to Tell by Willow Winters”

  1. Great review, it sucks when books say standalone but aren’t. I like the Gentry Boys series and Alabama Summer series and read them chronologically and never understood how they could ‘also be read as a standalone’ ’cause I just didn’t think they could. (Both are good btw, I would recommend)

    • Oooh, I’ve had the Gentry Boys series on my TBR for so long! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve planned to read Draw but then another book magically appears on my kindle and distracts me. Hopefully this will be the reminder I needed to actually start this series.

      • I really liked the series, but I only read the core 4 books and didn’t read the (I think 3?) last/spin-off ones because I didn’t really care about the characters at the time – I might get to them eventually though.

  2. Great review. I know that feeling. I got to the end of a book recently and started going back over it trying to find out if I had missed parts as there were a lot of unanswered questions and it wasn’t part of a series. I so wasn’t impressed.

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