August 2019 book Releases
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August 2019 New Releases

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We’ll start with the good news, August 2019 has some amazing books we all have to read!

Now, because we’re all good and excited I’m going to tell you the bad news. Summer is almost over! A guy at work told me it’s going to snow soon. Can you believe it, talk of snow in this weather? I know, it should be outlawed.

But before we know it winter will be upon us. I’ll be trading in my skirts and sandals for parkas and snow boots. Instead of starting my day with soothing yoga stretches, I’ll be trying to dig my car out of the snow bank. How horrible! I am not looking forward to it.

As I do around this time every year, I’m trying to figure out how feasible it is to move somewhere without snow. One the bright side, I have a few more weeks of nice weather and plenty of books to keep me warm and night if that changes.

Speaking of books, August is set to be an amazing month for any book lover. You might have seen my hottest book covers of August post a few days ago. Check out these amazing book boyfriends. I promise you won’t regret it.

The covers on this list are generally more ‘safe for public consumption’ so you can read them on the bus without worrying about the weird looks you might get otherwise.

August 2019 New Book Releases

Want more Amazing Book Recommendations? Check out the list of my Most Anticipated New Releases of 2019.

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August 2019's hottest new releases

August 2019's hottest new releases


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