Best Books for kids ages 3 to 5
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2018’s Best Books for Kids ages 3 to 5

Awesome Books for 3 to 5 Year Olds

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The preschool years are so much fun. Kids are such learning machines at that age and it’s the perfect time for them to learn important life lessons about differences and the right way to treat other people.

What better way to teach those lessons than with books. They learn so well when they can see themselves as the main character and empathise. It’s awesome when they can imagine themselves facing the same challenges and overcoming them in the same, socially acceptable way as the character.

These books teach such wonderful lessons on acceptance and bullying. It’s quite wonderful that these books are being written and published. Now, more than ever, it’s important for books to teach young people how to act and to treat other in a kind and thoughtful manner.

Best Books for kids ages 3 to 5

Books for Kids Ages 3 to 5

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

This lovely books follows a group of children through a day in their school. Their school isn’t so different from the school your children will likely be going to. But what makes this one special is that everyone is welcome and accepted. They ask questions and learn from each other, sharing and celebrating different traditions as they go.

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A Big Mooncake for Little Star by Grace Lin

Such a sweet story with a lot of learning pack in these pages. An adorable story about a little girl who needs to learn not to eat things without permission. Masterful storytelling, and beautiful illustrations come together to teach children about the phases of the moon.

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Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

This story starts off with spilled grape juice and ends with a wonderful lesson on how remembering two simple words can change the world for the better Be Kind. Looking at what kindness is, how each person (no matter how small) can be kind and using moving and gentle words, this book is a must read for any kid about to enter the school system.

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Do You Believe in Unicorns? by Bethanie Murguia

So much fun to be had on these pages. “Is that a horse wearing a hat? It’s definitely not a unicorn in disguise – that would be ridiculous, right?” This is a fun imaginative tale that embraces the magic and wonderment of childhood. Your kids will love this one.

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Eat Pete! by Michael Rex

What a misunderstanding we have here! Pete thinks the monster wants to be his friend but really the monster wants to eat him! Taking the reader through a series of play activities, we read on as the monster waits patiently on not for his chance to eat Pete. Your kids will have lots of ideas for when they’re bored after reading this book.

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Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel

The children in my life absolutely adore any book that features animals. This lovely tale starts off with two cats and teaches the kids a wonderful lesson about finding common ground. With a lovely cadence and beautiful illustrations, this books will allow your kids to develop an understanding of the great diversity and unwavering similarity of all humans.

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How to Be a Lion by Ed Vere

This is a beautiful tale outlining the importance of being true to yourself and standing by your friends. A very timely lesson for children to learn in this world of reality television and over the top drama. This is the story of a lion and his best friend, a duck. It’s sweet and thoughtful and teaches an important lesson about staying strong and standing up for yourself against hurtful criticism.

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Mixed: A Colorful Story by Arree Chung

This is a wonderful kid friendly way of discussing racism. It presents the matter in a way children will understand, using colors and one color declaring their superiority to illustrate very grown up problems the world faces every day. It will leave your children with a message of harmony, acceptance and unity.

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The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight by Elli Wollard

No doubt this adorable read-aloud book will become a bed time favorite. Did you know dragons and knights aren’t supposed to be friends? Me either! What happens when they become friends and find out they’re not supposed to be. Your kids will love the bright illustrations.

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We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

You know how when you’re around children, you end up saying things you never expected to say? This is certainly one of them. This adorable book takes us to the first day of school for a dinosaur named Penelope. She learns a hard lesson about acceptance and being nice to everyone.

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