Distracting contemporary romance novels to read during self isolation
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Contemporary Romance Books to read while Social Distancing

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Alright folks while the rest of the world seems to be stocking up on toilet paper, I’ve been compiling a comprehensive list of contemporary romance books to read while practicing social distancing and keeping ourselves safe.

With all the talk about Covid-19, quarantines, global pandemics and stalking up, we’re right to be scared. Everywhere you look people are talking about something few understand.

I’m afraid, I’m confused and honestly I, and I’m sure many others would love nothing more than to spend the next several weeks hiding out in our homes away from all the people. Unfortunately, my job is something the government deems an “essential service” which means I’m expected to keep working.

Part of that is the knowledge that more likely than not, I’m going to end up infected which means I’m at some point going to have to spend a significant amount of time at home – alone. I’ve accepted that, and I’m prepared.

So, I’ve prepared by making sure that when it happens I have everything I need to be as comfortable as I can possibly be as I recover. Which is just another way of saying I’ll have enough books to forget about what’s going on.

Contemporary Romance Books to Read

I haven’t exactly tried to hide the fact that I adore romance novels. With things being so scary and uncertain in the real world, I think we need romance novels now more than ever. There is something so soothing about losing yourself in a story and having the comfort of knowing that whatever the characters are facing, they will get through it and find their happily ever after

These contemporary romance novels will surely provide a welcome distraction to the everything going on outside your home. The will also provide hours of entertainment for the weeks of social distancing and self isolation that are likely to come.

Let’s Talk

How are you getting through all this uncertainty? Are you already self isolating? Does your job allow you to work from home?

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The best contemporary romance novels to distract your from Covid-19

Contemporary romance novels to read in quarantine


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