Dark Water by Tricia Taylor
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Dark Water by Tricia Taylor

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Dark Water takes us to the Louisiana Bayou with gators, psychics and serial killers. Not my usual bookation but it was a welcome change of pace.

I love reading scary romantic books – when it’s done right, that is. In my world, fall is the ideal time to read slightly scary books and since I struggle to stay interested in anything without a love story, romantic suspense/ horror/ thriller is a great compromise. With that said, I despise when the book is a thriller or mystery with a kiss or some hand holding. If I’m being honest, I might have a few 2-star reviews sitting in my I don’t know if I should post folder for that exact reason.

But enough of my whining, this book was done right!

Dark Water by Tricia Taylor

Dark Water by Tricia Taylor

Publication Date:  Sept. 24, 2018
Genre:  Romantic Horror/ Paranormal
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Source: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon 
Length: 303 pages
Story Rating: 5/5

Psychic Evangeline Broussard is certain nothing will ever induce her to work with law enforcement again –– until a serial killer starts using her small bayou town as his own personal hunting ground. The powdered sugar on her beignet though is being forced to work with Special Agent pain-in-the-ass, Nick Garrison, whose cynicism toward her psychic ability is matched only by his hotter-than-a-Louisiana-summer sex appeal.
Nick’s opinion of so-called psychics is carved in stone, as well as on his heart, which puts his best friend’s little cousin squarely off limits, regardless of how much the sassy, Cajun, spitfire turns him on. But when her supposed sixth sense, and a leak in the local police department, put her in the crosshairs of the killer, she’s the only one who can save them all.


Despite the blatant lack of topless male, the cover captured the story perfectly. The story dark, eerie, and uncomfortable and the cover made me feel all those things. This book had everything I could want in a romantic horror title. There was a serial killer, a psychic, a good-looking FBI agent.

I find myself faced with the awkward challenge of trying to review a book with twists and turns aplenty and not give anything away. Let me tell you, it’s harder than it looks. I was surprised when we discovered the identity of the killer, exactly who he was targeting and why.

Dark water was an engaging tale that took us to Louisiana and immersed us in the culture and environment unique to the area. The atmosphere and beliefs common to the area make it the perfect setting for any book with a paranormal twist.

Speaking of paranormal twists, I often avoid them. However, I have to give the author credit for this one. Although our female lead is a psychic her abilities weren’t over the top. Truth be told I was worried about that. I knew I had to read it as soon as I saw the cover, but often paranormal books have me rolling my eyes and stomping my foot at how over the top they are. Anyway, the psychic abilities are present throughout the book, but they’re not over the top.

Overall, Dark Water was a great book to cozy up with on a rainy fall day. I would recommend enjoying it with a mug of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket to hide under during the really scary bits.

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