Doctor's Orders
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Doctor’s Orders – Ann B. Harrison – Book Review

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Doctor’s Orders takes us to the small town of Cherry Lake where we meet David an uptight doctor and April an acclectic shop owner.

Doctor's Orders

DOCTOR’S ORDERS by Ann B. Harrison

Series: Moore Sisters
Publication Date: April 11, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Purchase: Amazon 
Source: Publisher
Story Rating: 4/ 5


April Moore has always been an impulsive dreamer. So when she shows up in Cherry Lake, announcing that she’s there to stay and start her own business–a design studio florist shop–her sisters are pleased, but more than a little skeptical. A lot more than pride is riding on her new business adventure, and April doesn’t have time to get distracted, especially not by the handsome doctor who shares office space with her. Unfortunately, April’s never been one to keep her head down and opinions to herself, and she’s barely opened for business before she thinks her first design project should involve the quiet man next door doing his best to ignore her bubbly attempts at friendship.

For someone so young, Dr David Morrison is firmly set in his ways. He’s returned to Cherry Lake temporarily to take over his father’s family practice until he can sell it and return to Seattle to rebuild his life and career. He’s always played it safe and isn’t looking for change, fireworks, or romance. Unfortunately, the vivacious April embodies all three. Each meeting is like touching a live wire, and David finds himself entranced.

Opposites attract, but can they find a happy ever after?


At first glance, I thought the cover was adorable. Then as I was putting this post together, I noticed something funky with his nose. It looks super awkward and uncomfortable.

Doctor’s Orders gives us an adorably sweet and engaging tale with well-developed characters and just enough drama to keep a person interested. Most importantly, it left me with a big goofy grin on my face.

David and April meet in the best way possible, by bumping into each other when he’s on the way out of a cafe. He spills coffee all over her and because he’s a doctor, he’s super concerned for her wellbeing. His concern is advantageous to April since she turns out to be pretty accident prone. David doesn’t mind though he looks forward to the time he gets to spend with her.

Both characters have their own demons to overcome before they can be in a relationship. Their battles were realistic. I appreciated the way the author allowed drama between the characters. Neither character struggled with self-esteem or setting boundaries. It was satisfying to watch April pull away until David realized what he wanted because she deserved to be with someone sure about being with her. This was awesome because far too often, in real life and romance novels, people settle for much less than they deserve.

One of my favorite things about this book were the dogs. I love animals which means I love books about others who love animals. Hamish and Oscar were too cute.

Now, for the complaints, the reason this book got 4 stars and not 5. I read love stories and stories with a lot of sex. Since this book had 1 kiss, I can’t put in the latter category. Which is a problem because I didn’t see them fall in love. It’s mentioned in conversations, “I love him/ her…” but they never say it to each other. The book ends as soon as they agree to give their relationship a shot. There is an epilogue but in my opinion, it should just be another chapter. It didn’t give me any tangible information about the couple’s future or convince me that the ending is an HEA, not an HFN.

Overall, Doctor’s Orders was a sweet and engaging read. I was hooked from the beginning and wanted more. This book would be perfect for anyone trying to find a nice relaxing weekend read.

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