Easy Ways to Look Amazing this winter
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Easy Ways to Look Good this Winter

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I’m really sad to say it, but where I live it’s going to be snowing sooner rather than later. With this reality in mind I’ve been wondering how I can look good this winter. Looking good in winter has never come easily for me!

Growing up my winter wardrobe was all about warmth – function over style. It didn’t matter if my clothes matched as long as they kept me warm when I was outside. At the time, it was necessary. I grew up on a farm with outdoor chores and animals that needed to be fed no matter how cold the weather was.

Now, however, I live in the city where my time and reasons to be outside for lengthy period of time in the freezing cold weather are limited. My office job, doesn’t exactly care that it was really cold out and I had to bundle up. They expect me to present a certain image the second I walk into the building.

I’m not afraid to be honest in admitting that one of my favorite parts of winter is the way I can hide all my problem areas under thick parkas and baggy hoodies.

But, it doesn’t feel good. When I’m hiding under baggie clothing, I’m not presenting myself with the same confidence and assurance I would otherwise.

Which just might be the hardest part. How can I feel good about the way I look and stay warm in the cold weather?

Take a look at my post on Looking Your Best at All Times for some general tips and keep reading for some winter specific ones.

How to Look Good this Winter

Dress in Layers

Did you know you could still wear that adorable skirt in winter? Of course if you don’t want to freeze your buns off you’re going to want to put something under it, at least until you get inside.

I know, I know the easy thing to do is grab your favorite pair of summer leggings or yoga pants, maybe fleece lined ones if you’re really filling the chill. If you live in a place where it only gets a little bit cold, go for it. If you live somewhere like I do, where you have a month of -40 °C weather to look forward to, you’re going to need something a bit more intense.

Which is where I like to recommend thermal underwear. Before you roll your eyes and recall the long johns off your childhood, I would like to tell you they have come a long way over the years.

Give me a chance to tell you thermal underwear is pretty much indistinguishable from leggings these days and come in so many neat patterns and colors. They’re also comfortable and perfect for lounging during those cold winter evenings.

Find your Signature Colors

From boots and parkas to mittens and toques you’re going to want to pick a color pallet and stick with it. I would recommend a neutral and the accent color you wear most often.

My jacket and books are black because that is the neural color I gravitate to most naturally. White, gray, or tan will work wonderfully as well.

This is the jacket I wear pretty much all winter. It’s perfect for me because it’s super warm and still looks relatively professional when paired with a scarf and coordinating mittens.

However, there are more affordable alternatives

Your Coat Matters

Seriously, if there is one winter fashion item worth splurging on it’s your coat! You’re going to be wearing it every time you leave the house for months at a time.

People will notice it, so it’s super important for your coat to not only keep you warm, but to make you look and feel your best. Good winter jackets are not cheap so it’s important that you love it.

Dress Well

I know as well as anyone how easy it is to get lost in all the oversized goodness the season has to offer. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to let yourself go.

Buy clothing that fits well and looks good. Make sure the color is a match for your skin tone and try to buy everything with a established color pallet in mind.

Winter fashion trends are a real things and there are so many options that will give you the warmth you need and the put together look you deserve.

Cute Pajamas

Warm pajamas that make you happy and look adorable will help you stay positive and upbeat in this gloomy season. Wear something warm and cheerful to bed. The best beauty hack ever is a good nights sleep

I absolutely adore this plaid pajama set they’re super warm, cute and just perfect for winter.

They are perfect for those Saturday evenings where all you want to do is put the kettle on, curl up under the blanket and read a good book.

Keep your Hands Warm

If you grew up in the cold you know that cold hands are the worst. Being cold in general really. You might also know that all the super cute gloves don’t really keep your warm. Those fingerless gloves that let you text might be super cute, but they do diddly squat to keep you warm and there is nothing cute about frozen finger tips.

Invest in some warm mittens in a neutral color that matches or complements your your jacket. My hands stay toasty warm in the freezing cold with these totally functional mittens.

But, I totally understand that we all want to look cute and be stylish. Sometimes that means not being as warm as we would like. If you choose to wear a pair of cute stylish mittens, I would recommend slipping a pair of these basic gloves on underneath to provide a bit of extra warmth.

Cover your Neck and Head

Did you know you lose most of your heat from your head? It’s true and if you’re going to venture out into the cold you’re going to want to keep your head covered.

A toque and scarf are essential if you’re going to be outdoors in the cold for any length of time. The good thing is that these can be very stylish and fashionable.

While being warm is important, I completely understand that no one wants to wear one of these amazingly warm winter hats with ear flaps and all. There really is no way to make it cute. But if warmth is your priority, I highly recommend it.

For normal everyday activities when you’re only outdoors for several minutes at a time, you’re going to want something cuter. I adore this fleece lined slouchy beanie. It’s very warm and looks amazing when I wear my hair down.

Grab yourself a warm scarf in your favorite accent color and you’re all set with a cute and warm winter look.

Don’t Forget the Boots

If there is one part of your body you don’t want getting cold it’s your feet. Growing up, my parents would scare me into wearing ugly winter boots with stories of people who got frost bit and lost all their toes. As a child those stories were nightmare worthy! As an adult, I know how important it is to protect my feet.

With that said, brands are getting much more conscious of the fact that we need style and warmth. I wear these warm winter wedges for everyday purposes – to work and the grocery store. They have a wedge which makes me look taller, along with all the warmth and non-slip grip you expect from a winter boot.

But when I have to drive out of town or know I’ll be walking a long distance, these boots offer a great compromise with all the warmth, waterproof and safety features I would expect from a winter book with the style I need from something people will actually see me wearing. They’re also super comfortable and you can’t beat the price!


It’s winter, you’re all bundled up and wearing a lot of boring neutral colors. You need fun accessories!

I always like to carry around a handbag in a fun pattern or color that is big enough to carry my scarf and mittens when I’m indoors. This year, I’ve chosen this bold red Kenneth Cole Tote Bag.

If you prefer something that makes more of a statement, this pumpkin spice handbag is super cute and perfect for the season.


This is going to be a tip in ever single look your best list ever. The cold weather is killer on your skin while I would, of course, encourage you to embrace a full facial cleansing routine, realistically I know I’ll be lucky to convince some people to moisturize.

If only for a few months a year, get yourself a facial moisturizer and use it. Your skin will thank you. I recommend this Neutorgena Hydro Boost moisturizer. It’s fun and in such a cute package I can’t wait to use it every night.

A healthy beauty routine is a self care activity that will not only have you looking younger and feeling better about yourself but will boost your self esteem and mood as well.

Let’s Talk

What are you favorite winter survival tips? Do you live in a place where you often find yourself having to choose between fashion and warmth? How do you deal with it?

Easy ways to look good and stay warm this winter

Easy Ways to Look good and stay warm this winter

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