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F*cking Shattered – K.B. Andrews – Book Review

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Oh my goodness,  F*cking Shattered is the perfect title for this book! It made me sad cry, then it made me laugh so hard I cried.


F*cking Shattered



Publication Date: October 17, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 266 Pages
Story Rating: 5/ 5
Romance Rating: 5/5

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I’ve always been the shy, quiet one.
My best friend, the fun loving, outgoing one.
When she’s gone, taken away entirely way too soon,
I have to learn how to live.

And not just for me, but for her too.

I have to live for the both of us.

That means doing things I’d never do, stepping out of the shadows
to join the rest of the world- taking chances, falling in love,
and getting into a little trouble along the way.

Losing my best friend broke me.

And when a person breaks,
They f*cking shatter.


I like this cover, obviously! It’s so grey just like my mood when I signed up for it! Plus the hint of green was so cheerful I couldn’t pass it up.

I don’t want to think about it too much, but the first couple chapters in this book wrecked me. The author gave us such a raw look into Jovi’s grief after her best friend is killed in a plane crash. The only reason I didn’t slam my kindle shut was that I saw other reviews saying they laughed more than they cried. So, I figured since my mascara was already ruined I had nothing to lose.

I’m glad I stuck with it. I did laugh a lot, just like the other reviewers told me I would!

This story introduces us to Jovi and River. They meet at a funeral, of all places. The hopeless romantic part of me who sees the potential for love in even the worst circumstances appreciated this. Why can’t something as beautiful as love come from something as terrible as death?

F*cking Shattered was a beautiful but quick read. It had a lot of steamy scenes and some conflicting sexy/ awkward situations, nude beaches at retirement homes, for example. Despite the emotional start it ended up being a fun read.

I won’t be recommending F*cking Shattered to my mother. Not because she wouldn’t enjoy it, but because she’d want to discuss it. This is a quick read, I got through it in an evening. And I’d recommend it for anyone looking to escape their lives for a couple hours. But I wouldn’t read it in public as the tears would be awkward.



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