February 4, 2019 book releases
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Book Releases (February 4, 2019)

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Can you believe it’s February already? It seems like the year is just flying by. I can’t believe how many amazing books I’ve read in just the last month.

This year, like every other year, I resolved to make a dent in my to-read list. Which involves two things, firstly not adding to it and secondly actually reading the books on my list.

I’m not sure anyone understands how hard those two things are. With so many amazing books being released every week and only so many hours in the day to read them, I’ll never get through them all. But I did sit down for nearly 8 hours one day and cleaned out my to-read list. I’m pretty proud of myself.

February 4, 2019 is going to be another great day to add to your to read list. These are the hottest new releases coming out this week and I am so excited for all these amazing books. I just can’t wait to start reading them.


by Jane Corry

February 4, 2019 book releases The Dead Ex by Jane Corry


368 pages | Pamela Dorman Books | February 5, 2019

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One man’s disappearance throws four women’s lives into chaos–who will survive?

Vicki works as an aromatherapist, healing her clients out of her home studio with her special blends of essential oils. She’s just finishing a session when the police arrive on her doorstep–her ex-husband David has gone missing. Vicki insists she last saw him years ago when they divorced, but the police clearly don’t believe her. And her memory’s hardly reliable–what if she did have something to do with it? Read More

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by Tawna Fenske

February 4, 2019 book releases The Last by Tawna Fenske


178 Pages | Entangled: Scorched | February 4, 2019

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Sarah Keating was sure she’d be married by 30. Husband, kids, the kick-ass career helping adults with Down Syndrome—she assumed she’d have it all, and there’d be no need to fall back on the marriage pact she made with her best pal from college.
But a tipsy message she sends from her birthday party brings Ian Nolan to her door ready to rock her world. Read More


by Charlotte Marigold

February 4, 2019 book releases Only for show by charlotte marigold


321 Pages | Escape Publishing | February 4, 2019

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Enemies to chocolate lovers.
Sofia Beaumont and Roberto Conti’s relationship is only for show – a twisted fairytale manufactured for the Italian tabloids. But when the reclusive chocolatier unites with her family’s CEO playboy nemesis their sizzling chemistry is blatantly real. To Sofia’s alarm, her faux boyfriend is a seductive wolf in smoking hot sheep’s clothing; in Roberto’s embrace she’s in danger of losing all her senses. Read More

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by Skye McNeil

February 4, 2019 book releases hearts abroad by skye mcneil


Hot Tree Publishing | February 2, 2019

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Taking a break from screenwriting in New York City, Londyn Bellerose takes a nannying job in Colorado to get away from the hubbub. A summer to live without regrets is all she wants. While her boss is British, gorgeous, and a millionaire, he has no clue how to have fun. Determined to mend the relationship between father and daughters, Londyn doesn’t expect to fall for the museum curator. Read More


by J. Nathan

February 4, 2019 book releases for emery by  j. nathan


210 Pages | Self Published | February 4, 2019

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See Review: For Crosby by J. Nathan

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I’ve loved Jordan Grady since I was eight.
Since he became my protector.
Since he became my safe haven each night.
But I was younger.
Off limits…
Until high school when he finally kissed me.
And for a few fleeting moments, everything was right in the world.
Then I was forced to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…
Disappear from his life without a trace. Read More


by J. D. Robb

February 4, 2019 book releases Connections in Death by J. D. Robb


384 Pages | St. Martin’s Press | February 4, 2019

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Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke, are building a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads—and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right path. For expert help, they hire child psychologist Dr. Rochelle Pickering—whose own brother pulled himself out of a spiral of addiction and crime with Rochelle’s support. Read More

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by Kristen Proby

February 4, 2019 book releases Waiting for Willa by Kristen Proby


Ampersand Publishing | February 5, 2019

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Max Hull left Cunningham Falls a long time ago. Thanks to his killer instincts and business smarts, he’s come back to town richer than anyone’s wildest imagination. Now he’s closer to his family, living in his dream home, and at the top of his career—it sure looks like he has it all.

All but one thing. And she’s not interested. Read More


by Elsa Winckler

February 4, 2019 book releases An Impossible Attraction by Elsa Winckler


167 Pages | Tule Publishing | February 6, 2018

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See Review: Where the River Bends by Elsa Winckler

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He was Mr. Wrong until he did everything right.

When Interior Decorator Zoe Sutherland is offered the career-building opportunity of a life time – working on super star architect David Cavallo’s glamorous new hotel – she’s thrilled…until she meets David. He may be the most handsome and sexy man she’s ever met, but he’s also the most arrogant and mysterious. He denies her access to the hotel’s floor plans, interfering with her ability to work. And when she stands her ground and challenges him, his smoldering looks threaten to derail her focus and remind her that there is more to life than work. Read More


by Karen King

February 4, 2019 book releases The Year of Starting Over by Karen King


281 Pages | Bookouture | February 7, 2019

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What if – to find yourself – you had to run away?

Last year was meant to be when Holly got her happy-ever-after. But stuck in a job that’s going nowhere, and a relationship that feels more like it’s going backwards… this year Holly has decided it’s time to change her life. She just has to:

– End the relationship with the commitment-phobic boyfriend
– Go on a proper adventure
– Learn to be herself again
– Definitely, categorically not fall in love. Read More


by Kaylie Newell

February 4, 2019 book releases Judd's Vow by Kaylie Newell


168 Pages | Tule Publishing | February 7, 2018

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See Review: Tanner’s Promise by Kaylie Newell

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His heart has been grounded for so long. But she’s about to give it wings…

Captain Judd Harlow is happiest in the air. It’s only when he’s flying that he can leave his childhood memories behind. But when he and his brothers find themselves the guardians of their 12-year-old half-sister, he knows moving back to the small Montana town where he grew up is the right thing. Read More


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