Four Day Fling
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Four Day Fling by Emma Hart

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Four Day Fling was a sassy breath of fresh air.

Four Day Fling


Publication Date:  July 24, 2018
Genre: Romance
Source: Publisher
Story Rating: 5/ 5

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I’m going to steal a page from Emperess DJ’s playbook and share what might perhaps be my favorite quote EVER.

“I liked you a whole lot more when your face was between my legs.”

Now, ladies let me tell you, this line will end any argument. 😉 Try it and see for yourself! You can thank me later.

Ms. Hart managed to pen a book that had me smiling like a maniac from the first page to the last. Probably why she’s one of my absolute favorite authors. The relationship between Adam and Poppy developed with an endless supply of wit and sarcastic comebacks. This book was high energy and jam-packed with outrageous antics.

Before we get started, do you guys want to know a secret? Whatever, I’m going to tell you anyway. Secrets are safe on the internet, right? I like hockey players more than I like cowboys!

Nothing personal, just in my experience, hockey players smell better. Adam is a hockey player, a very rich, very attractive hockey player. Be still my ovaries.

Poppy’s family was a real treat to get to know. Their outrageous behaviour made me feel as though my family isn’t so bad. Which is always nice, because my family really is that bad.

This book was high on the humour and low on the angst and drama. It was a great light-hearted summer read. I would recommend Four Day Fling for anyone looking for a book to make them smile.

If this sounds like a book you would enjoy, you might enjoy The Upside to Being Single or Resisting the Rancher.



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