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Gifts for Grandma

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It’s the time of year when most of us can be found scratching our head and trying to come up with the best gifts for grandma. What do you buy for the grandmother who has everything?

Seriously, this is a question I ask myself a couple times a year every single year. For some reason deciding what to buy Grandma for Christmas and Mothers Day is never and easy feat.

Every year I vow to make myself a list and save myself from some of the trouble in the future. Well folks, this is the year I finally do it! I have found 12 amazing gifts grandma will love.

Gifts for Grandma


If your grandparents are anything like mine, they are constantly losing their reading glasses and complaining about how small the print is in their favorite books and magazines.

With a kindle (and their favorite grandchild to show them how to use it) they can keep reading their favorite books with text big enough for them to actually read. Some Kindles even have the ability to read the book too you.

Not to mention the sheer number of free or very cheap books to read. While a Kindle does work best with wifi, it’s not entirely necessary. Borrow the Kindle a few times a year and load it up with books your grandma will enjoy.

I know some grandparents, mine included, don’t like the idea of more technology, but if they enjoy reading they will quickly see the benefits of an e-reader.

If your grandmother is someone who enjoys technology, why not get her a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This will let her download and read a virtually limitless selection of books for a very low monthly fee. Alternatively, Amazon Prime Reading offers a wonderful (but limited) selection of free titles simply for having an Amazon Prime membership.

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Audiobook Subscription

This is a book blog, of course my top choices are going to be book related!

I’m told one of the hardest parts of aging is deteriorating eye sight. Thanks to audiobooks, bad eyes no longer means you can’t enjoy books and reading.

Show your grandma how to use her phone to listen to books. From Audible credits to Audible Escape there are so many options to keep grandma entertained and make sure her brain is still actively engaged in whatever she is listening to.

BellPal Safety Watch and Monitoring

Gifts for Grandma: BellPal Watch

I’ll be honest here, my grandparents are getting older. While they’re still incredibly independent, accidents happen and the risk of them falling, for whatever reason, increases every day.

That is a scary reality which I know weighs heavily on my grandmother as well. What if she falls and can’t get to the phone? My grandparents enjoy their independence. They don’t want, nor need us constantly checking in and making sure they’re alright.

The risk is something that sits in the back of our minds. In the past, my grandparents have turned down medical alert necklaces and other safety jewelry. They listed a number of reasons not the least of which being, they’re ugly.

The BellPal watch works by pairing with a smartphone app. You do have to order the monitoring service in order to ensure the safety features of this watch work properly. With different plans to choose from grandma has the freedom to pick who is notified in case something happens (friends & family or professionals).

Luckily for grandma’s safety and my piece of mind, the BellPal Safety Watch and Monitoring Service is a sleek and stylish alternative to the once bulky and unsightly medical alert jewelry pieces. It’s discrete so her friends never have to know she’s wearing anything other than a watch.

Best of all, the BellPal from BlueStar Seniortech works anywhere and anytime, so we can both go about our days worry free.

If you use the code LOVESAWYER when you purchase this watch, you can get a year of Friends & Family monitoring for free!

Cleaning Service

One of the hardest things about shopping for grandparents is that they have everything they need and many things they don’t. Give grandma a break after the busy Christmas season and have a cleaning service come in and get her home sparkling clean.

Comfy Pajamas

Is there anything better than settling into a pair of comfortable pajamas after a long, cold winter day? Add a mug of hot chocolate and it sounds like my perfect evening.

Comfortable sleepwear is an incredible gift for any woman. Since we’re talking about gifts for grandma and she is no doubt an incredible woman, I’m sure sleepwear will be an amazing gift for her as well.

Get her something timeless and warm but comfortable enough to wear all year long. I recommend this beautiful black and white set from Bloomingdale. It’s modern and traditional all at once.

While you’re at it get yourself a matching set and have a grandma/ granddaughter sleepover party. It’ll be just like when you were a kid.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Over the last few years we have heard a great deal about the power of essential oils and their healing potential. I don’t know enough to make a judgement either way, but I do love the way they smell.

The right blends can bring a room to life, lift your mood as well as improve sleep and cognitive functions. It’s also a much safer alternative to candles and products that involve hot wax.

This diffuser lights up a relaxing forest scene which is bound to be soothing for even the most tightly wound people.

Don’t forget to throw in a few bottles of essential oils.

Let’s Talk

Help me out here, I’m want to hear from anyone who can suggest an amazing gifts for grandma. What will you be getting your grandmother for Christmas this year? Did this list give you any ideas? Do you have anything you think I should add?

Gifts for Grandma

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