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Be a Good Girl

BE A GOOD GIRL by Tess Diamond

Publication Date: March 27, 2018
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Publisher: Avon Books
Length: 336 Pages
Purchase: Amazon
Story Rating: 4/ 5

Howdy, I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


In Tess Diamond’s third romantic thriller, an FBI agent teams up with the one woman who can offer the salvation he needs as they search for a serial killer.

As the head of an elite FBI unit, Special Agent Paul Harrison seems to have everything figured out, but beneath the surface, an internal war is raging. When he returns to his rural hometown for the first time in a few years, he’s faced with the memories that led to his losing the love of his life.

Fifteen years ago, Abigail Winthrop’s best friend, and Paul’s girlfriend, was murdered by the infamous serial killer, Doctor X. Now an investigative journalist, she’s determined to find the truth. But when Abigail discovers evidence that clears Doctor X, she realizes the real killer is still out there and is striking again when local young girls begin disappearing.

Turning to Paul for help, Abigail joins forces with him. As an undeniable attraction develops between them, they must heal deep wounds from their past—and find a relentless psychopath who could extinguish their hopes for a future together.


Be a Good Girl started off with a bang. The prologue had my palms sweating and my heart racing. Not in the way you’re assuming though, I was afraid. We start in the last minutes of a 17-year-old girl who is about to be murdered. It was intense.

I’m not sure there’s a way to sugarcoat it, the prologue was the highlight of the book for me. There was plenty of mystery, suspense, and surprises. I don’t read a lot of thrillers or suspense books so this was a nice change of pace.

One thing I always appreciate in books is a strong female, and this book was packed full of them. From Abby, to Zooey, to Robin there wasn’t a single female waiting around for prince charming to rescue her. Something that isn’t seen often enough in these action packed books.

However, I was promised a romantic thriller and while the thrill was there; the romance wasn’t. The book was good, and I know many people will enjoy it. I enjoyed reading about Doctor X, and all the victims. The book was well written and engaging. I had no idea what to expect which I know from other bloggers is a rare feat when you read these sorts of books often.

Which brings me to the reason I can’t give this book 5 stars. When I read, it is from the perspective of a romance enthusiast. I look at situations and see opportunities for love. Be a Good Girl seemed to forget about the romantic half of it’s genre. It was frustrating to read through the numerous missed opportunities for Abby and Paul to develop the relationship and characters.

I found myself unable to connect with either of them. I didn’t feel invested in their relationship or even their happiness. There was no relatioship developed.  This is a prime example of telling rather than showing. We’re told Paul has nightmares, we’re told there’s sexual tension, we’re told Paul is feeling possessive of Abby… but we never see it.

Overall, Be a Good Girl was a good book. It was well written and engaging enough to recommend to people who enjoy reading thrillers and suspense. You will not find your next book boyfriend in these pages, but the book led to a couple sleepless nights nonetheless.

About Tess Diamond

Tess Diamond is a romantic suspense addict with a taste for danger – and chocolate cake. She lives in Colorado Springs with her law enforcement husband, two kids, and ferocious Jack Russell guard dog. She always dreamed of being an FBI agent, and now she almost is – if watching 24 reruns and plotting her next novel counts.

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