Marriage Lessons by Katie Allen
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Marriage Lessons

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Oh, my goodness, Marriage Lessons was amazing! I loved everything about this book. Every. Single. Thing. It was amazing and incredible and everything I look for in a wounded warrior story.


Marriage Lessons by Katie Allen

Publication Date:  Oct. 15, 2018
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Carina Press
Length: 221 pages
Story Rating: 4.5/5

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This the third book in a series of stand alones by Katie Allen. While I didn’t read the first book, the second book, Baking Lessons, told a wonderful tale of the power of healing and leaving your comfort zone. Although there are mentions of past characters this book does read well as a stand alone.

Marriage Lessons gives us the story of Annabelle, a gallery manager, and Louis, the owner of the gallery. What a beautiful story it was. It focused on resiliency and trust. Highlighting the incredible healing power of love.

I enjoyed reading this story, I loved the dynamic between Annabelle and Louis. I loved the way she wasn’t squeamish about his lost limbs. Their relationship wasn’t always easy. Louis struggled to come to terms with the leg he lost in the war and had a bit of a complex about it.

While PTSD has been showing up increasingly in books. Physical injuries are often either ignored, trivialized and romanticized and gloss over. This book did a good job of presenting Louis’ injuries in an honest and compassionate way.

His scars weren’t “beautiful” or “sexy.” The phantom pain he experienced wasn’t endearing.

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Annabelle handled his insecurities with incredible acceptance and ease. She didn’t push him for more than he was prepared to give and I thought it was beautiful to see the give and take of their relationship.

So I spent a few hundred words gushing about the book. You’re probably wondering why I only rated it 4.5 stars, aren’t you? You see, Louis had a story that needed to be told. A very big, very painful story and I don’t feel like there was enough attention to it.

The witty banter between our main characters and the honesty their situations were dealt with kept me engaged in the plot.

Anyway, Marriage Lessons was a refreshing read that handled a topic rarely seen in romance novels. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book that colors just a bit outside the lines.

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