Resisting the rancher
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Resisting the Rancher – Kadie Scott – Book Review

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In Resisting the Rancher we meet Williams and Rusty who end up in a fake relationship that might not be so fake after all.

Resisting the Rancher


Publication Date:  July 30, 2018
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Source: Publisher
Story Rating: 4/ 5

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Yay, cowboys! We all love them.

I wasn’t sold on the cover when this book arrived in my inbox. Nothing about it says cowboy, which is unfortunate because the author seems to know her way around a rodeo.

Rodeo cowboys are my favorite type of cowboy. Want to know why? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m going to tell you anyway. You see a rodeo is the only place where it’s polite, actually encouraged to get a good long look at somebodys belt buckle. In fact, if they don’t feel you’ve taken a long enough look, they’ll draw you attention there. By pointing, waving and thrusting, they will make sure you are well aware how impressive their belt buckle is. And, if you find a group, you may be privy to a discussion on which rodeo’s offer the biggest belt buckles.

Now before you run off to the nearest rodeo, lets talk about the book. I’ll be quick, I promise!

I really appreciated all the rodeo mentions in this one. Growing up I spent a lot of time around the rodeo (and cowboys). Even had a few of my own horses, although I was never patient enough to compete. This book felt like the author knew what she was talking about, and that made me so happy.

I’m not really a fan of fake relationships. To be honest I didn’t enjoy that aspect of this book either. Personally, I like good communication and the whole “OMG I like him/ her so much but this is all fake for them” feels a bit tedious. Have a conversation like adults and then get on with the good stuff.

With that said I did find myself relating to Rusty’s situation. It’s certainly not unheard of for parents, fathers specifically, in my experience, to have a certain vision of who their child will end up with. Most aren’t quite as forceful about it as Rusty’s father was, but if anything would have pushed me into a fake relationship that situation is it.

I liked Williams a lot, he was an awesome book boyfriend. Although some parts were a bit annoying, I did enjoy watching the relationship between him and Rusty develop. The author managed to put a bit of a cowboy twist on the tried and true fake marriage trope and it worked out beautifully.

Overall, Resisting the Rancher was well-written and engaging read. With lots of real cowboy activities. The love part of the book didn’t make the hopeless romantic part of me cheer and swoon, but it was a solid read. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick weekend romance.

If you enjoy cowboy romances you might be interested in Tempting the Rancher by Leslie North or Forever a Soldier by Genevive Turner. 


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