Review Policy

Review Policy


Updated October 20, 2019

*** It was long over due, sorry!***

Hi everyone, welcome to my review policy! I’m thrilled you’ve made it this far.

I’m a bit awkward in general, so I thought it would be fun to get the really awkward bits out of the way first! Yes, I know after reading this you’re going to be thinking “awkward” is a very kind way of putting it…

This review policy is my way of protecting myself from burning out. My blog has grown a lot over the last year or so and if I responded to every request I received, I would never have time to do things like read or blog…

This is everything you need to know if you want to get my attention and see your book on my site.

What I can offer

The primary focus of my blog still is, and likely always will be, to share my love of books. However, I choose to express my love of books and reading through the curation of book lists. I love making them and my audience can’t get enough.

I love reading about people falling in love. My belief is that love is love. I enjoy reading about LGBT characters, as well as characters with disabilities, chronic health problems or mental health issues. Literally 99% of what I read is contemporary romance.

My blog is a hobby that I do for fun when I have time. It is not a job and I choose not to treat it as such.

See my Work With Me page if you want a guarantee of your book showing up on my blog, a certain date or anything other than inclusion on a book list, I’m not opposed to doing those things but they feel like work and I don’t work for free.

With that said, there are many other bloggers out there who will be happy to help you out.

I do rate and (try to) write a short review for every book I read on Goodreads.

My Audience is:

Casual Readers – People who read on average 1 – 4 book a month. They want to make sure the books they’re spending their time and money on are amazing.

Gender: Female (97%)

Location: United States (65%), Canada (10%)

Age: 25 – 34 years old (40%), 35 – 44 years old (25%)

Get my attention

I’m going to be very, very honest here.

You wouldn’t believe how many requests I get every week. The secret to success is making your book stand out. Chances are, just copy and pasting your blurb isn’t going to get my attention.

Tell me what makes your book special?

This isn’t me being snarky, it’s an honest question and I expect a real answer.

Be Specific! I know every book is special in it’s own way, but if you say something generic like “it’s a love story with a happy ending” I’m going to roll my eyes and move on to the next request.

One of my favorite things is when a book comes across my request folder with such a unique set of keywords and description I find myself inspired to create a list around it. Please be the next one to send me that request…

What can I get from your book that I won’t find anywhere else?

Tell me if your book features a sassy goldfish, the worlds most annoying younger siblings, or your characters fall in love while stuck in an elevator. That information is more inspiring than cute pet, family drama, and forced proximity.

Please, include spoilers and triggers! Tell me exactly what I can expect and I’ll read to find out how you did it. I’m very much a mood reader and I crave oddly specific things.

If your book features a professional football player with an eating disorder, or a closeted gay vlogger on a road trip with the man of his dreams – seriously, I’ll probably drop everything to read it ASAP.

“Romance Novels with transgender characters” and “Heroes with PTSD” are two of my most frequently referring keywords. Tell me about the dark stuff! I love it, my audience loves it!

Make it easy for me! I don’t often read books with the goal of figuring out which list to include a book on, I read to see if it will fit in the list I’m currently working on. So inspire me to create a list that simply wouldn’t be complete without your book.

While you’re at it, let me know if there are any other books you think should also be included on the list.

Include your book

Please attach a .mobi version of your book to the request. I’m a mood reader, my TBR is obsessively tagged and categorized. When I want to read something, I want to start reading it within the next 3 minutes.

While I completely understand if you don’t want to send a copy of your book without the promise of it showing up on my site within a certain time frame or ever, that’s 100% your right. I ignore requests that don’t include the book, but there are so many other book bloggers you can work with.

Let’s do this!

*** Form will be updated in the near future***

Follow Me!

This blog is something I do for fun. It’s grown a lot more than I ever imagined it would.

Unfortunately, that means I can’t possibly respond to every request I get. It also means I can’t inform every author who is included on my list.

I would suggest following me on Facebook to Twitter so you’ll see for yourself when your book in included on a list.

Be Professional

I’m being super honest about what I can offer and what you can expect for me. It might not seem like much to you, but it’s what I’m prepared to give.

Please try to remember that I’m a person too with family, friends and career obligations. This blog is something I do for free and I do the best I can with the time and resources I have available.

I’m not going to tolerate abusive or bad language. While I never respond to negative messages – if you hurt my feelings, I will remove every mention of you and your book/s from my website and add you to my seemingly never ending list of authors/ publishers to avoid. Please don’t put me in that position.

Quality Standards

My reputation is everything to me. This is why I ask for a copy of the book even though I’ll be including it in a list and not actually reviewing it.

I only recommend books I think my audience will love. When push comes to shove, I know my audience and what they’re looking for.

Whether or not a book is included on a list is completely up to me.

My minimum quality expectations include:

  • Professional editing, proofreading and formatting
  • A eye-catching cover
  • An engaging blurb

Content Standards

I have absolutely no tolerance for dubious consent, romanticized rape or the romanticizing of unplanned pregnancies. I find these topics emotionally damaging and ask that you save us both the heartache and not send me books that include these topics. Seriously, not only will your book not be included on a book list but I will leave 1 star reviews everywhere I possibly can.

When I read a book, I expect that matters of consent and protection will be handled appropriately. I don’t share books that promote misinformation (the pull-out method or ‘double wrapping’ for example).

Please Note

I don’t ever send messages explaining why a book isn’t included on my list.

This blog is something I do for fun and when I have to explain that a book didn’t meet my quality standards or included what I consider problematic content, it feels like work.

If you would like me to critique or proofread your title you can email sawyer (at) lovesawyer (dot) com to discuss compensation and a timeline.

To get started click on the button below to find yourself magically transported to my review request form.

*** form will be updated in the near future***

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