Review Policy

Review Policy


Updated October 20, 2019

*** It was long over due, sorry!***

Hi everyone, welcome to my review policy! I’m thrilled you’ve made it this far.

Book Lists

I’m happy to tell you all that my blog has grown a lot over the past few months and it’s been difficult to balance my offline commitments and my blogging ones.

As always, growth necessitates change and evolution. Finding my groove, if you will.

The primary focus of my blog still is, and likely always will be, to share my love of books. However, I will be sharing that love through book lists and recommendations, not reviews.

I am no longer open to review requests. The volume of requests has been overwhelming. While I am absolutely honored by every single request I get, I’m not able to keep up.

With that said, I LOVE creating book lists featuring all types of books (but mostly romance). My goal is to have a list for every type of book there is, so I’ve got a big job ahead of me!

When you submit your book it is for consideration in a book list and I am happy to consider requests from authors and publishers.

You can find the form here:

*** Form will be updated in the near future***

If you’re looking for something more than inclusion in a book list you’ll want to take a look here.

My Audience is:

Casual Readers – People who read on average 1 – 4 book a month. They want to make sure the books they’re spending their time and money on are amazing.

Gender: Female (97%)

Location: United States (65%), Canada (10%)

Age: 25 – 34 years old (40%), 35 – 44 years old (25%)

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, a book comes across my request folder with such a unique set of keywords and description I find myself inspired to create a list around it.

Tell Me: What Makes Your Book Special?

Be Specific!

What can I get from your book that I won’t find anywhere else?

Tell me if your book features a sassy goldfish, the worlds most annoying younger siblings, or your characters fall in love while stuck in an elevator. That information is more inspiring than cute pet, family drama, and forced proximity.

Please, include spoilers and triggers! Tell me exactly what I can expect and I’ll read to find out how you did it. It will also help me categorize it.

“Romance Novels with Suicide” and “Heroes with PTSD” are two of my most frequently referring keywords. Tell me about the dark stuff! I love it, my audience loves it!

Make it easy for me! I don’t often read books with the goal of figuring out which list to include a book on, I read to see if it will fit in the list I’m currently working on. So inspire me to create a list that simply wouldn’t be complete without your book.

Please, let me know if there are any other books you think should also be included on the list.

Now for the Uncomfortable Stuff

I ask you to send me copy of the book in a Kindle friendly format as part of the request process. I do not consider requests made without an attached book. I realize that might be a problem for some people, and I completely understand if you would prefer to work with another blogger.

My process is to write books lists when I’m feeling inspired to read about a topic. That might be the day you send the request or six months later.

Which nicely leads to my next awkward topic.

Follow Me!

Over the last year, my blog has grown more than I could ever imagine and I love having the opportunity to be able to share my passion for books and reading with people.

It also means I receive an intimidating number or requests and emails. From both a time and organizational perspective, I simply can’t respond to every email and request I receive.

As much as I endeavor to inform authors when their books have been added to a list, I just can’t.

If you follow me, you’ll see my new posts as I post them and hopefully you’ll be seeing your book on one of those posts soon.

Be Professional

I’m being very honest here about what I can offer and what you can expect from me.

As much as I love my blog, I have family, friends and a career that have to be my priority.

When all is said and done, I do this for free and I do the best I can with the time and resources I have. I don’t charge to include books on a my book lists and my only compensation is an (often unfinished and unedited) e-book. I will not tolerate being treated disrespectfully. this should go without saying, but all rules exist for a reason…

My Blog, My Rules

I try my best to make sure every book is included in a list. However, sometimes a book simply isn’t a good fit for my blog at this time.

My reputation is everything (which is why I ask for the book even though I’m including it on a list and not actually reviewing). I know my audience and what they’re looking for.

Promoting a book that isn’t a good fit won’t benefit either of us, so I don’t do it. This is a book recommendation blog, if I don’t like the book for whatever reason, I’m not going to talk about it – at all.

Quality Standards

As I just my reputation is very important to me. I only recommend books I believe my audience will enjoy. If I choose not to include you book, I don’t send a message explaining why.

When I include a book on one of my lists, I either personally screen it or check in with reviewers whose opinions I trust.

My minimum expectations include:

  • Professional editing, proofreading and formatting/li>
  • A eye-catching cover
  • An engaging blurb

Content Standards

I have absolutely no tolerance for dubious consent, romanticized rape or the romanticizing of unplanned pregnancies. I find these topics emotionally damaging and ask that you save us both the heartache and not send me books that include these topics. Seriously, not only will your book not be included on a book list but I will leave 1 star reviews everywhere I possibly can.

When I read a book, I expect that matters of consent and protection will be handled appropriately. I don’t share books that promote misinformation (the pull-out method or ‘double wrapping’ for example).

To get started click on the button below to find yourself magically transported to my review request form.

*** form will be updated in the near future***

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