The best way to stay entertained while stuck at home.
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The BEST way to Stay Entertained while Self Isolating

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I know everyone is stuck inside, and struggling to stay entertained.

Can I just take a minute to express my frustration with people who aren’t taking this Covid-19 thing seriously. I have to wake up every single day and go to a job where I have to deal with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society.

I’m a social worker, I work in child protection and sadly with schools being shut down, my office is busier than it has ever been. There’s no PPE for removing a child from a bad situation and there are no staff to cover off if one of us gets sick. I can’t protect the people I need to protect if the rest of society doesn’t do what they need to do to protect me and all the other essential workers who have to get up and go to work every day.

So while people are complaining about being bored at home, about how horrible it is to have to spend so much time with their family members, I would love nothing more than to be in that situation. I just want to hug my mom again, it’s been a week and things are only just starting out here.

Be smart, stay home and stay safe. Here is the most up to date information on Covid-19.

In an effort to make it easier for you to entertain yourself while you’re stuck at home, I’ve made an awesome list of affordable things you can do to stay entertained while remaining in your home and practicing social distancing.

Ways to Stay Entertained While Self Isolating

Amazon Prime

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Let’s start with, a huge shout out to all the delivery drivers out there!

For anyone who doesn’t know for a low monthly fee, Amazon Prime offers free 2 day shipping on most items. With that said, give them a bit of grace during this tough time. They’re getting a lot of orders and training a lot of workers. We’re all doing our best right now.

Who hasn’t gotten lost down the Amazon rabbit hole looking for great deals on items you don’t really need? I’ve done it more times than I care to admit. Right now, however, I can order all of my essentials and have them dropped off right at me door. Things like coffee, granola bars, snacks, make up remover, hand lotion (sanitizer is killer on the hands) all people might not have remembered to stock up on.

It saves you from making a trip to the store which reduces your risk of exposure to Covid-19. That is one of the best things we can hope for at this point.

But wait, there’s more!

Amazon Prime also comes with Prime Video and Prime Music at no extra cost. This can save you the cost of Spotify and Netflix.

Your Amazon Prime membership also includes Prime Reading which gives you free access to hundreds of e-books.

Between being able to shop from home, watching hours of movies and tv shows, listening to hours of music, and reading all the books you could possibly want.

There are hours of entertainment for you, your significant other, even your children.

Kindle Unlimited

If that’s all not enough, you can get yet more e-books with a Kindle Unlimited membership. This membership offers a wider selection of included books written by both indie and best selling authors.

This is an additional low monthly fee, usually just slightly more than the cost of an e-book. Kindle Unlimited also reduces the pressure of having to love every book you read. There are so many to choose from, if you don’t like one you can get another and another and another…

You will never run out of books with Kindle Unlimited.

The Ultimate Romance Reading Challenge

Audible Escape

However, if audiobooks are more your thing. You might be interested in Audible Escape which lets you listen to unlimited audiobooks. Audiobooks provide entertainment while doing other less pleasant things, like sanitizing every hard surface of your home for the third time in a day.

Plus, there is something really soothing about having someone else do the reading for you.

Save Money

Things are tough right now. With all the uncertainty in the world, we’re all looking for ways to save money on the things we buy every day. I’ve got just the thing you’re looking for. Save money on books and everything else by using Rakuten to get money back when you purchase all the things you were going to buy anyway. Sign up through this link and get $10 off your first order!

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