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Take a Chance on Me – Jane Porter – Book Review

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Take a Chance on Me introduces us to salon owner, Amanda (Mandy), video game developer, Tyler, and the 80-year-old Bette. Let’s take a stroll around the small town of Marietta and watch as Bette meddles just enough to ensure Tyler and Amanda fall in love.

Take a Chance on Me

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME by Jane Porter

Publication Date: March 15, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 167 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 4/ 5
Romance Rating: 3/5

I received a free copy of this book from the author/ publishor via NetGalley prior to release in exchange for an hoenst review.


Savvy stylist Amanda Wright loves Marietta, her hair salon, and her clients, and no client is more dear to her heart than eighty-year-old Bette Justice–even if her years have made her a little fragile. So when Bette asks Amanda to help her convince her determined grandson, Tyler, a successful game designer, that Marietta is the right home for Bette, Amanda can’t say no.

Tyler Justice has a one-track mind–he wants to take care of his beloved grandmother. He can’t understand her resistance to move to Texas and is sure that the young friend she keeps mentioning–Amanda–is taking advantage of his grandmother’s generosity. He reaches Marietta determined to put the salon owner in her place and bring his grandmother home…until smart, kind Amanda starts to tug at his heart in ways he never expected.

But just as Tyler and Amanda start to form a real connection, will a long-buried family secret destroy their chance at love?


First things first, the cover – beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s sweet and an accurate reflection of the book.

Now, because our mothers taught us not to judge a book just by its cover, let’s get on with the rest of the review. The story takes place in a small town called Marietta, Montana. I love books about small towns especially if they remind me of the small town I grew up in. The town in this book could have been the town I grew up in, from the lone poor family to the way gossip spreads like a wildfire, to the snow that plagued us for 6 months of the year, I was right there with the characters experiencing everything that small town offered.

Amanda grew up in the small town, she loves living there and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Tyler on the other hand has always lived in the city. He is in Marietta for one reason and one reason only, to convince Bette, his grandmother, to come live with him hundreds of miles away from her home and friends. There’s drama, angst, and an old lady who refuses to take orders from anybody. This book is worth the read for the old lady alone. I adored Bette. She reminded me a lot of my grandmother.

The characters were well developed, there was a solid story line, but somewhere in the mix the relationship seemed to fall to the wayside. We see Amanda and Tyler spend time together; they tell us how much they care about each other, but I was left feeling like the relationship could have been developed more.

Overall, Take a Chance on Me was a wholesome and engaging read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about small towns and happily ever afters.

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