Tanner's Promise
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Tanner’s Promise by Kaylie Newell

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Tanner’s Promise gives us a second chance romance and introduces us to landscaper, Tanner, and elementary school teacher, Francie.

Tanner's Promise

TANNER’S PROMISE by Kaylie Newell

Publication Date:  August 2, 2018
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Length: 110 pages
Story Rating: 5/5
Romance Rating: 4/5

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I’m always hesitant to read books that feature children. As someone who doesn’t have children of my own, I often find it difficult to relate to the struggles parents face. So, I was a bit hesitant when I decided to pick up this book. But I also happen to love a good second chance romance. I also love seeing people grown and change. If you’re anything like me, I’m happy to say Maddie was well a well-developed and complex character in her own right. She was very purposefully included in the book and didn’t detract from the central love story.

Both Tanner and Francie were well-developed characters that I grew to care about as I read the story. I really wanted the two of them to be happy and let go of the scars of their past. The plot was relatable, I’m sure I would react in much the same way as the they did should I find myself in a similar situation.

There were a couple of intimate scenes in the book. However, they were few and chaste enough I wouldn’t have a problem with my mother reading this book.

Tanner’s Promise certainly falls more on the side of women’s fiction than romance. There’s Tanner and Maddie’s grief at the loss of their mom. Overbearing family members who believe they know best and an 11-year-old who is mature beyond her years.

I enjoyed watching Tanner and Francie as they dealt with the ghosts of their past and came to terms with the decisions they made in high school.

Lack of cowboys aside, I only have one complaint. The synopsis talks about Francie’s ailing father. I think he might be mentioned once in passing at the beginning of the book, and that’s it. The lack of her father confused me, if my dad was ill enough to necessitate my moving home, you can bet I would be visiting him every chance I got and his well-being would be on my mind at all times. Francie didn’t once think about him.

Overall, Tanner’s Promise was a perfect summer read. Ms. Newell gave us the right balance of angst, tension, and hope. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of romance in their women’s fiction.

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