Wicked Dance
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Wicked Dance – Olivia Boothe – Book Review

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In Wicked Dance we meet former dancer, Sara, and real estate mogel, Tom. Both have secrets they believe make them unworthy of love. Let’s watch as they shead their secrets and fall for eachother.

Wicked Dance


WICKED DANCE by Olivia Boothe

Publication Date: October 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 335 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 4/ 5
Romance Rating: 3/5

Hey everyone! This ebook was kindly provided by the author/publisher  via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


Former dance student Sara Hart had aspired to grace the stage on Broadway, but a reckless decision forced her to renounce that dream. Years later, while struggling with an ungratifying job and an even more unsatisfying love life, she literally stumbles upon a dangerously sexy stranger who sends her heart—and her body—into hyperdrive. His touch makes her feel alive again and sparks a desire to rebuild her dance career. But Sara is still haunted by the demons of her past. One dark lie could cost her everything.

Real estate mogul Tom Wright caters to the rich and famous. He lives the life of the perfect bachelor, partying hard and dating the most beautiful women in Manhattan. But he has one golden rule—no commitments. Ever. Then he meets sexy Sara Hart, and something about her makes him want to throw the damn rule book out the window. Every time she’s near, the blood in his veins pulses with a raging fire he can’t contain. But Tom’s shadowed history is resurfacing, unearthing ghosts he’d rather remain buried.

Will this wicked dance be their last?


Well, first things first. Let’s take a moment to drool over the cover. It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Ok, done? Great, now we can talk about the story. I loved the description of this book. There’s something about secrets that just draws me in. Maybe because my favorite thing ever are those moments when they trust each other with the part of themselves they have kept hidden for so long. It’s sweet and magical, it makes my heart happy. If you enjoy those moments as much as I do, this book won’t disappoint.

The story itself reminded me a lot of the movie, Save the Last Dance. But it was still very different, I know I’m not making sense right now.

This book reads as a light-hearted romance, but there are some deeper themes such as PTSD, and survivors guilt. The author dealt with these things beautifully. I was right there with the characters feeling their fears and apprehensions as they fell in love with each other and I fell in love with them.

When you read romance novels as much as I do, you sometimes notice things that seem to come up over and over in various books. Specifically, I’m talking about the phenomena where the hero has never had another girlfriend in their home. I’ve read that countless times and shrugged it off. This is the first time I’ve found that confession not only believable but meaningful to the story.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the beginning. For pages and pages, we have Sara rambling about how she can’t get Tom out of her mind, after one brief chance meeting. I found it annoying and repetitive and I skimmed through the first 10%. After that point, the story is engaging.

Overall Wicked Dance was a story about two people coming together, sharing the burden of their secrets, and realizing they are worthy of love. It was well written, and will leave you with a smile on your face.

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