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My Enemy Next Door – Whitney G. and Nicole London

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In this second chance romance we meet high school sweethearts turned high power attorneys Jace and Courtney. Their relationship ended because of a series of misunderstandings. 10 years later they meet again. Let’s see if they can make things work this time.
My Enemy Next Door

MY ENEMY NEXT DOOR by Nicole London and Whitney G.

Publication Date: December 26, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 250 Pages
Purchase: Amazon 
Story Rating: 3/ 5
Romance Rating: 3/5


We used to be close.
We used to be best friends.
Until we became enemies all over again…

Courtney Ryan ruined our on and off again friendship with one swipe of her sexy, red pen. After the final rude message she wrote in my yearbook, I decided that we didn’t need to see each other anymore. (But if we ever did, I would show her exactly why I had every reason to be “cocky,” and make her admit that I really *was* “that damn sexy.”)

Now that it’s ten years later, I’ve graduated from law school at the top of my class, and I’m being recruited to work at the number one law firm in New York City.

Since I’m in desperate need of a change and want to meet new people, I don’t hesitate to accept the offer.

Until I find out that Courtney Ryan graduated from law school, too.
Until I realize that she’ll be working at the same exact firm, in the office right across from me.

And if this timing isn’t unfortunate enough, she’s far more tempting and sexier than I originally remembered.
(Oh, and last night I found out that she lives right next door…)

We don’t have to be close.
We don’t have to be best friends.
But she’s going to pay me back for making us enemies all over again…


I love a good second chance romance novel and that’s what this book is. I also love when powerful people fall in love, and when the heroine can is confident and intelligent. There was a lot I loved about this book.

Jace and Courtney were adorable. I found myself amused by their little prank war but also impressed with how well they worked together. With that said, I didn’t connect with either of the characters, because we’re not given a lot of background information. There wasn’t an emotional connection to be had with either of them.

High school Jace, seemed like someone who had a lot of family problems, but nothing about his upbringing was ever mentioned. The characters didn’t have any deep emotional conversations to draw me in and get me invested in their relationship. I think there was a lot of development missing for both characters.  What did they talk about in all those all night phone calls, what were the secrets they never dared tell anyone else? I think I missed the part where they fell in love with each other and instead witnessed the daily activities of a high profile lawyer.

Truth be told, I didn’t fall in love with either of them. It’s not as though I disliked them, I wanted to see them happy and together. I don’t think I got to know them well enough to love them or even understand why they were in love with each other.

The sex disappointed me. It was handled in way that would be appropriate for a new/ young adult novel “we had sex on the couch.” If the book was about the high school couple I would have understood it. However, Jace and Courtney have to be nearly 30 and I think at that age it’s expected that sex is going to happen and be discussed in the novel. However, I did have to up the rating because it did talk abou Courtney’s vibrators.

Overall, My Enemy Next Door was a quick easy read. If you enjoy New Adult romances this is a great choice for you.

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