The Best secret identity romance books
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Secret Identity Romance Novels

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Think a secret identity is enough to stop cupid? You’d be wrong and these books prove it. True love always finds a way. Even, or maybe especially, when you’re trying to hide.

Can love find a way when one of both of the characters has a hidden identity?

One thing I absolutely love in my romance novels is that moment of truth, the point in the story where the character reveals their deepest most shameful secrets.

There is something incredibly powerful about letting someone else in, showing someone else the parts of yourself that you don’t show anyone else. Whether the truth came out of the characters own volition or some other way, this moment is present in each one of these stories.

Secret Identity Romance Novels

Deliberate secrets, lies or just a coincidence or circumstances these amazing books all feature characters with identities they’re not exactly up front about.

This list is the perfect opportunity for you to fall in love with a hockey player, a celebrity, an undercover police officer or even someone in the witness protection program.

Stories like this don’t happen everyday. But, a secret identity is the perfect way to add tension and depth to the characters and the plot as a whole.

How does a person admit to hiding such a huge part of themselves? How does the other person find it in their heart to forgive and trust them again?

These secret identity romance novels will have you feeling all the things, falling in love with the characters and craving their happily ever after.

Must Read Secret Identity Love Stories

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Do you love the hidden identity trope as much as I do? Are there any books you would like to see added to the list? Tell me all about it in the comments.

amazing secret identity romance books

Secret Identity Romance Novels


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