The Ultimate Romance Reading Challenge
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Romance Reading Challenge

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Reading Challenges are one of my favorite parts of the bookish world. I’m a romance lover at heart and it’s hard to find a reading challenge that features books I’m actually interested in. So, this year, I’ve decided to create my own.

There are a couple things you should know about me:
– I love reading.
– I love lists.
– Romance novels are my absolute favorite.

None of those things are a secret, but it’s rare that I have a chance to combine all three of them. The truth is, I’m a shameless romance addict. One of my favorite things about the genre is the variety.

Yes, there is a certain amount of predictability. The necessary happy ending and the tensions that separates the lovers for example.

But the numerous tropes and themes mean each book offers a different adventure. There are few things funner than going on a steamy adventure with your newest book boyfriend.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet a new and exciting book-boyfriend each and every week for an entire year? That’s what this challenge gives you.

I make a lot of book lists. Today, I’m starting a list of lists. My goodness, I can’t tell you how exciting that is. This challenge will also help guide the books I read and the lists I make over the next year.

I’m challenging myself to read 50 completely different romance novels this year. Why 50? Well, it’s feels like an achievable number, but not something I would do if I didn’t set my mind to it.

50 Romance Novel Reading Challenge

Week 1: A Classic Romance Novel

Week 2: A Rock Star Romance

Week 3: Mistaken Identity

Week 4: Celebrity Romance

Week 5: Secret Baby

Week 6: Secret Romance

Week 7: Single Father

Week 8: Romantic Comedy

Week 9: Super Steamy

Week 10: First Love

Week 11: Millionaire/ Billionaire

Week 12: MM Military Romance Novels
Heroes with PTSD

Week 13: Historical Romance

Week 14: Romantic Suspense

Week 15: Motorcycle Club

Week 16: Friends to Lovers

Week 17: Second Chance

Week 18: MM Romance

Week 19: FF Romance

Week 20: Sports Romance MM Hockey Romance Novels

Week 21: Age Gap

Week 22: Transgender

Week 23: Physical Disability

Week 24: Mental Illness – Heroes with PTSD

Week 25: Office Romance

Week 26: Royalty

Week 27: Olympics

Week 28: Enemies to Lovers Bully to Lover

Week 29: One Night to Forever

Week 30: On the Road

Week 31: Sex Worker

Week 32: Dark/ Taboo Romance

Week 33: Paranormal Romance

Week 34: Sweet Romance Childhood Sweethearts

Week 35: Baseball Romance

Week 36: Small Town

Week 37: Cowboy

Week 38: New Adult Romance

Week 39: Young Adult Romance

Week 40: Opposites Attract

Week 41: Fake Romance

Week 42: Menage

Week 43: Neuroatypical Character

Week 44: Hockey MM Hockey Romance Novels

Week 45: Football

Week 46: Holiday Romance

Week 47: Fighter

Week 48: Law Enforcement

Week 49: Alpha Male

Week 50: Older Couples

There you have it, a list of 50 different romance novels you can read. This list is sure to provide you with an endless supply of eligible book boyfriends.

Stay in Touch

You can leave a comment on this post and let me know what books you’re reading to fill in each prompt. I’m always looking for suggestions.

I’ll be updating this page with more lists as I create them.

Reading Challenge Tips

First things first, as a lover of the romance genre, I want to see people reading more romance. This means that I want you to complete this challenge and get a good taste of the variety romance has to offer.

The goal here is roughly one book a week. It’s totally doable and here are some tools to help you stay on track.

1| Make it a Routine: Set some time each day for you to read. Just like you do for exercising and other things you would like to make a hobby out of. Read during you coffee break, in the bath, on your commute find a time that works for you and commit.

2| Choose the Right Books: While I like to think every book I recommend is amazing, some books just don’t work for some people. Some books don’t work for me… if you’re not enjoying the book you’re reading find another one. It may not be the book for you or it just might not be the book for you right now. Sometime we need to read the right book for where we are in our life.

3| Try Something Different: That’s what this challenge is all about! Reading books you wouldn’t have otherwise read, you never know where you might find your next favorite trope.

4| Read With a Friend: An accountability buddy if you will. It’s always fun to have someone to talk books with.

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The Hopeless Romantic Reading Challenge

Romance Reading Challenge



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