5 Must Read Books for Introverts in Business
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5 Must Read Books for Introverts in Business

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Introverts in Business, that’s something we don’t often talk about. Introverts aren’t the most social of people. We know this. As a group, they seem to despise small talk. Business and entrepreneurial tasks such as networking and sales seem pretty far out of their wheel house.

Society seems to perpetrate this perception that quiet people can’t be good in business. They don’t have what it takes to make sales, to be ruthless. That’s a pretty hard stereotype to get around.

However, if, as an introvert, you can get out of the gate and start playing the business game. You have quite the advantage. Keep in mind having an advantage doesn’t mean it will be easy to succeed, but you can do.

One thing I do quite often is play a role. When I do a presentation at work, it’s not Sawyer standing behind the podium, it’s a professional. Someone who knows more about whatever I’m presenting on than every other person in the room. There’s a certain confidence that comes with recognising your expertise.

I’ve gotten really good at being Sawyer the professional. It’s draining don’t think for a second that after a long day of networking I’m not rushing home to put on my comfortable pyjamas, drink tea and go to bed early. But I’m good at it, really  good at it.

Thing is, I wasn’t always good it. Much of my success can be attributed to techniques and tools I’ve learnt from books. It’s so so much a read it and you’re good type of thing. It involves work, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and wanting to get better those things.

I’ve made a list of some of the books that have been most beneficial to me. Hopefully they will be beneficial to you as well. It’s a long hard journey, but the destination is so worth it.

Introvert Professional: Hiding in the BathroomHiding in the Bathroom: An Introvert’s Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You’d Rather Stay Home) 

by Morra Aarons-Mele

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t the most helpful book I’ve ever read. But it did make me feel understood and less alone in my struggles.

It was more like a conversation with a friend than a self-help book. I picked it up because I absolutely loved the title. Haven’t we all had times where we would have preferred to be hiding in the bathroom?

Introvert Professional: The Introvert's EdgeThe Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy can Outsell Anyone

by Matthew Pollard

This book argues that everyone, even

especially  introverts can be good at sales. The author goes so far as to suggest that being an introvert is even an advantage. He provides a step by step guide to selling, I’ve never been in sales, but I work with a lot of people who lack motivation and need to change their behaviour. This book has been instrumental in allowing me to help people find their best selves.

Introvert Professional: The Introvert EntrepreneurThe Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms 

by Beth Buelow

In this book we learn that it’s not necessary to be loud and brash to be successful in the

professional world. Through fresh insight and actionable tools you’ll finish this book will change how you see business. With a focus on the gifts intuitive to many introverts and a recognition of the aversion many of us feel toward things such as self promotion and networking, this book will give you a road map to success that doesn’t force you to be someone you’re not.

Introvert Professional: Self Promotion for Introverts

Self Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead

by Nancy Ancowitz

Beautifully researched, this was one of the first introvert specific books I’ve read. It discussed things such as why I might feel uncomfortable tooting my own horn and talking myself up. There’s a fine line between listing your skills and gifts and

bragging. As a relatively quiet person even saying I’m good at ___ can sometimes feel uncomfortable. This book helped me get over that and learn to promote myself in a way that doesn’t feel so sleazy.

Introvert Professional: Networking for People who Hate NetworkingNetworking for People who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected

by Devora Zack

Of all the books on my list, the was the one I bought strictly because of the blurb on Amazon. “Would you rather get a root canal than schmooze with a bunch of strangers? Does the phrase “working a room” make you want to retreat to yours? Is small talk a big problem?” I don’t know about you, but I answered ‘yes’ to every one of those questions.

There you have it folks, my top 5 books for introverts in business or any other work  environment. I hope they’re as helpful for you as they were for me. 

If you’re looking for more awesome introvert reading material take a look at my list of 11 Books Every Introvert Should Read Right Away. 

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