• make 2023 your year of self love - easy tips to make this the best year yet
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    Make 2023 your year of self love

    No matter how your 2023 started, there’s still time to make this year the year of self-love! From taking better care of your needs to prioritising yourself, there are many ways to improve your happiness and satisfaction levels in the…

  • Self Confidence Boosting Quotes
    Lifestyle Tips

    Self Confidence Boosting Quotes

    Self confidence is one of the most essential traits a person can embrace in their every days lives. These quotes will hopefully help you boost your self confidence and realize that you are worthy. Right now. Exactly how you are.

  • Living an Intentional Life
    Lifestyle Tips

    9 Tips for Living an Intentional Life

    Intentional living is the decision to go about your life making choices that will get you closer to the life you want most. It's not an easy course to stick to. Here are some tips to help you on you…

  • How to Say No to things you don't want to do
    Lifestyle Tips

    Why We Should Say ‘No’ More Often

    Saying 'no' is hard. So we often end up saying 'yes' which can end up being even harder. By recognizing when we should say 'no' and understanding that it's a perfectly acceptable response to a request we'll find more time…