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A Soldier’s Homecoming by Karen Foley

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A Soldier’s Homecoming introduces us to former soldier, Lucas, and India, a girl who has experienced more trauma than she knows how to handle.

A Soldiers Homecomig



Publication Date:  June 11, 2018
Genre: Romance
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Length: 152 pages
Story Rating: 4/5
Romance Rating: 3/5

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Well, let’s talk about the cover first. It shouldn’t be a secret that many of my reading decisions are based on the cover. This cover is sweet and adorable, which is exactly what I was looking for after a long run of super sexy or super depressing reads. I do, however, have an issue with the title. I’ll talk about that in a couple paragraphs, but for now, I’ll say I don’t think it captures the story at all.

A Soldier’s Homecoming is the third book in Karen Foley’s Glacier Creek Series. I read and enjoyed the first book, A Hot Montana Summer, but didn’t find the time to read book two. Although this book mentions characters from the other books, I think it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Normally, my biggest complaint about books is that they try to do too much. That’s not the case with this one, in fact, I wish the author had taken on a little more.

Here’s where I will tell you all about my issues with the title. I absolutely love reading wounded warrior stories. While I don’t work with veterans I work with many people who struggle with PTSD and few things make me happier than reading about someone who has found a way to cope with their trauma and lead a relatively normal life. When I saw the title ‘A Soldier’s Homecoming’ that’s what I was expecting. Unfortunately, Lucas, the soldier, was barely more than a secondary character. We know he was in combat that’s about it.

This book is India’s story. Her character was well developed and featured an absolutely tragic on-paper back story. I think her reluctance to let anyone get close to her pushed me as a reader away as well. This was a storyline that would have normally had me in tears, instead, I shrugged and thought that sucks.

I wanted to fall in love with Lucas, and I tried but even when we were reading from his perspective it was all about India. We get little hints of his story, but we never get to experience his pain or hope, he’s a medium to convey India’s struggle. It made me sad that I didn’t get to know him.

Characters aside, the story was rather engaging. I needed to know what happened to India, how she ended up in that car. As despicable as I found the behavior of Lucas’ mother I considered it a worthwhile addition to the plot because every relationship needs outside angst. Although, I never forgave her and could not wrap my head around the complete personality change she had at the end of the book.

All that aside, the story was strong and well written. This was a sweet summertime read. I would recommend A Soldier’s Homecoming to anyone looking to stretch out in the sun with a good book that won’t lead to heavy emotions (we all know tears are bad for your tan).

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