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Bookish Gift Guide

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Gift guides are just the bees knees aren’t they? They always give me the best ideas for that really hard to buy for person. Now, I’ve heard from certain people that I’m hard to buy for. Can you believe that? Anyway, I’ve created this super fun Bookish Gift Guide to help those people struggling to shop for me and other like me. I hope you find it useful.

I absolutely love gift guides! There’s two reason’s for that actually:

  1. It makes my holiday/ birthday/ just because shopping that much easier.
  2. It’s so handy to just send my relatives a ready-made gift guide with things I would like as opposed to spending hours searching high and low and making my own.

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Thing is while there are lots of gift guides with things I like, everyone knows I love reading. Because of that, the most obvious gift is always books. But books are difficult, most people don’t know what I like to read. Which means I end up with a pile of best sellers that I might not be interested in.

When asked, I always suggest people buy me bookish things, not actual books. So I’ve found some of my favorite bookish things and put together this lovely list. I hope it will help you shop for the book lover in your life. Want to know the best part? And this was completely accidental, everything is under $15 USD. Isn’t that amazing?

***You know the drill. Affiliate links… use them or don’t, it’s all good. If you do decide to use them, I get a very small percentage back at no extra cost to you.

Bookish Gift Guide

I’m pretty sure everybody loves a funny shirt. This Reading is Lit t-shirt is sure to put a smile on any bookwroms face.

Do you remember the little cards you used to find in library books? Most (all?) libraries have done away with the practice and gone digital but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone. This Library Card Pouch will no doubt lead to hours or reminiscing and positive memories of days gone by.

Many of us would love nothing more than to be a Professional bookworm. This mug just might be the first step to making that dream a reality.

As far as wall art goes this F*ck Off I’m Reading sign describes how I’m sure most bookish folk have felt at one point or another. It could be the bookworm equivalent to putting a sock on the door knob.

Non-readers will never know the pain of trying to hold a book open with one hand. Thanks to these handy Page Holders, that might soon be a problem of the past.

Personally, I get a bit tired of reiterating that ‘Yes, I do really need all these books,’ hopefully after Christmas I’ll have a coffee mug to do the job for me.

In the interest of bring totally honest, I haven’t actually watched or read Harry Potter (I know, I know) but these Dobby is Free socks were just too cute to pass up.

You would be hard pressed to find a bookworm who hasn’t uttered the phrase “Just One More Chapter” now this pillow can do it for us. I plan to throw it at who ever asks and keep right on reading.

Bullet journaling is so in right now. With these Novel Notes bullet journal bookmarks book lovers will never have to fight the urge to scribble their notes or doodle in the margins.

Now, I know I said this was a book free list and this is technically a book. But it’s a looking book not a reading book. It’s a book that you put on the coffee table and stare at when you should be doing other things. With over 200 pages of Hot Dudes Reading you will surely be making a bookworm very happy.

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