Summer 2019 Must Haves
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Summer Must Haves of 2019

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Summer is known as a time of fun, a time to let go. Time to make a change, take a chance, and live the life you most want. These amazingly affordable list of Summer must haves from Amazon you’ll be able to do it all, in style!

Let’s face it, summer is better when we have everything we need to be healthy and comfortable. Obviously we want summer 2019 to be the best, ever. So let’s get prepared and gather any last minute items before the peak of the summer heat falls upon us.

This list features all my favorite summertime essentials. I hope you love them as much as I do.

2019 Summer Must Haves

Summer 2019 Must Have Beauty, Fashion and Health Products

1. The first, and most important thing I’m going to do in this list is make sure you have sunscreen. Seriously, don’t leave home without it, sun damaged is no joke. This sunscreen is SPF 46 (hopefully enough to protect our delicate skin). It’s oil free and safe for sensitive skin that’s prone to acne and rosacea and even comes in clear and tinted varieties. Can you imagine an high SPF product that can double as a tinted moisturizer! Hands down, this is my favorite beauty product of the summer.

2. Summer, especially if you’re out enjoying yourself in the sun is a bit of a tricky time for make up. Lip color is especially tricky. A bold lipstick or sticky lip gloss will get a bit uncomfortable after a couple hours. Personally, I’m a fan of comfort and the natural minimal make up look in the summer. So this tinted lip balm is perfect! It’s a gorgeous color and provides much needed moisture. Plus it’s not tested on animals which is always a bonus.

3. After a day out and about in the sun or at the beach, you’re going to want to make sure your face is clean and free of debris at the end of the day. This aloe vera toner will not only make sure your face is clean, but it will soothe any dry skin or redness resulting from your summer time adventures.

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4. One of the hardest parts about summer is dealing with the havoc the heat, humidity, wind, rain, beach, pool etc. bestows upon your hair. Have you ever tried brushing your hair after a day at the beach or even just walking around outdoors. It’s a horribly task that usually leaves me considering chopping it all off. This bamboo hair brush isn’t a miracle, but it does help get through some of the tangles without much pain and leave your hair silky smooth and shiny.

5. Protecting our skin is of the utmost importance. Firstly because sunburns hurt, but also because we know how much damage they can cause to our skin and overall health which is why a wide brimmed hat like this is a necessity for any summer fun.

6. Of course we want to make sure we’re protecting our eyes with practical yet stylish sun glasses. No one likes squinting into the sun, being momentairly blinded by it when you turn the wrong way.

7. Growing up on a farm, Levis jeans have been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. They’re soft, comfortable, and best of all durable. These jeans in particular are so versatile whether you’re rockin’ heals, boots, or sneakers, a crop top, t-shirt or button down, these jeans will work with it.

8. Have you noticed how popular floral patterns are lately? Just look around next time you’re out. It seems every second person is wearing something floral. This adorable peasant top will not only keep you cool and comfortable all summer long but it will keep you in style. I’d pair this with a pair of jeans and summery sandals for the perfect casual afternoon look.

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9. Speaking of summery sandals, you really can’t beat these gorgeous yoga-sling flip flops in terms of both appearance and comfort. Their souls made from yoga mats, you won’t find anything more comfortable to spend all day standing on. You’ll never want to take them off.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this: staying hydrated is important all of the time, but especially so in the hot summer heat. Treat your self to a gorgeous insulated water bottle and drink up. This water bottle is insulated so it stays hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Which is great because there are few things more refreshing than a drink of cold water on a hot summer day.

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