3 simpple tips to make your home office cozy
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Easy ways to make your home office cozy

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Chances are your home office has become the most used room in your office over the last couple year. I’ve put off making my office more than just a temporary place to do my job for way too long. For those of us, still working from home, it might be time to start making our office feel a bit more cozy.

We’ve probably gotten the hang of working from our office, spare bedroom or dining room table, whatever the case might be for you. We’ve probably all enjoyed the more comfortable dress code and shorter commute, now it’s time to make our office feel a bit more like our own.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a dedicated work space in our home, it’s probably time to make out space work for us. Take a look at the following to create the perfect office environment. Making our office as comfortable and productive as it possible is a delicate matter of balance. You don’t want to make your office too busy, if that happens then productivity levels can be affected.

Minimize distractions in your home office

If you are working from home then you might have to get used to new noises and distractions both from inside and outside your home. Noises outside could include simple traffic sounds, roadworks, or foot traffic. This can be incredibly off-putting especially if you are not used to it, this is quite often the case if you previously worked in an office block.

If you have children or other people in the house then they can cause distractions by making noise or coming in to talk to you. You need to inform everyone that you will be working so you are not to be disturbed. You might also benefit from a video doorbell, one poll found that the doorbell is the most distracting thing when working from home. This is true if you are doing a lot of online shopping and getting them delivered to your house.

Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones can be an absolute life saver when trying to eliminate all the noise and distractions that come with working form home. I use these and I can’t recommend them highly enough, they have become a productivity essential for me.

There’s an app for that

To keep productivity levels functioning and working to the max you might like to think about downloading a productivity app. This can help you better manage your time and set tasks in order of priority. These apps are available on your phone and laptop, it is just a matter of finding the right ones. Your work may even have its own app that helps you stay on track with things. If you are working towards certain targets each day then having a set order of priority will help you achieve these.

Apps are also great for silencing pesky and irrelevant notifications, on your phone and work computer. The last thing you want when you are trying to work is your notification alert going off every five minutes. You can set reminders to take breaks as well. Breaks are very important especially since a lot of people think that because they are working from home they aren’t entitled to breaks. This is not the case and you can take the same amount of breaks you had previously, if not more.

Make your home office feel like yours

When it comes to sorting out your home office you want to make it homely and attractive while keeping distractions to a minimum. You might like to think about investing in some shelving and storage space, this will help you keep all your required files sorted and out of the way. You could also have some wall art with motivational quotes. Maybe you would like something on your desk to remind you of a loved one, like some art with cremation ashes in the form of paperweights or photo frames.

I hope this helps you work out how to make your home office yours and comfortable enough to work in. one thing to remember is good quality furniture is a must and will help keep you focused as well as avoid RSI or aches and pains.

easy ways to make your home office cozy

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your home office should be cozy

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