100 Positive Affirmations
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100 Positive Affirmations

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Positive Affirmations are an amazing tool when it comes to boosting self confidence, self esteem, reaffirming self worth and adjusting to life changes. They are also a wonderful tool to aid in coping with anxiety and depression.

Whether you trying to stay optimistic for the new school year, starting a new job, trying to adjust to the end of a relationship… there will be an affirmation in this list that resonates with you. The list is 100 affirmations long, how could there not be something.

I would recommend picking one or two positive affirmations to repeat to yourself when life starts to feel overwhelming or when you need a little confidence boost. You might write them onto a card you carry in your wallet, or put them on a sticky note near your mirror.

Call upon your chosen affirmations frequently. At first it will take some conscious effort but as time goes on, you’ll get used to using them and find yourself thinking the without any effort.

With any luck you’ll find yourself feeling more calm, confident and prepared to take on whatever life throws your way.

100 Positive Affirmations

I am worthy of good things.

My strength is greater than any struggle.

No one can make me feel inferior.

I have discovered that I’m fierce.

I know my worth.

I wink at a challenge.

It’s not their job to like me, it’s mine.

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

I have the power to accomplish everything I need to do today.

I am in control of my thoughts, feelings and choices.

Everything I do today leads to a better tomorrow.

There is a benefit and opportunity in every experience.

I am a better person due to the challenges I’ve faced.

I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet

I have the courage I need to succeed.

I have survived all the difficult moments of my past.
Positive Affirmation: I am thankful for the things that did not work out for me.

Everything will happen all of a sudden and I will be thankful I didn’t give up.

I am thankful for the things that did not work out for me.

I am making progress every day.

I have healed from all my past hurts.

I am not alone in my struggles.

You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people.

I am the creator of my own happy life.

I have the power to create the life I desire.

I am not my mistakes.

I deserve love, compassion and empathy.

I believe in the person I dream of becoming.

I choose to be happy and completely love myself today.

I choose to surround myself with people who feel like sunlight.

Today is going to be incredible.

Opportunity is everywhere.

I am a warrior.

People come into my life and enrich it.

I enrich the life of my family and friends.

Everything is happening for me, not too me.

I am loved beyond measure.

It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day.

I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear and doubt.

Be patient, everything is coming together.

I am healing, I am discovering myself, I am starting over.

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I wake up each morning feeling confident and empowered.

I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be me.

I am brave, fearless, bold and strong.

No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

Today, I am a magnet for ideas.

The sunrise fills me with confidence.

Whatever challenges come my way, I can overcome them.

I love the person I see in the mirror.

I allow myself to be great.

I choose to be happy.

I am becoming a better version of my self every day.

I will take good care of my mental and physical health.
Positive Affirmation: It's not their job to like me, it's mine

I create positive thoughts and radiate positive energy.

I believe in my self

I forgive myself and everyone else for mistakes.

I choose to release hurt and resentment.

Every breath fills me with calmness.

I am proud of myself for even daring to try; many people won’t even do that!

There is only one of me.

My possibilities are endless.

I am creating a life I want to live.

I will accomplish great things today.

I will be present in every moment.

I have the power to change my story.

I accept myself just as I am.

I will believe in myself and my abilities.

I will keep an open mind and not judge.

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I choose to be happy and completely love myself today.

I will celebrate the small wins.

I am full of confidence and assurance.

I am indestructible.

I choose being real over being perfect.

I am in perfect alignment with my dream life.

I am calm, patient and in control of my emotions.

I do not fix problems, I fix my thinking. The problems fix themselves.

I am becoming who I was meant to be.

I am worthy of my very best life and it starts today.

I am ready to accept my dreams as reality.

My life is beautiful and I have no room for hatred, regret or jealousy.

Mistakes are just an apprenticeship to achievement.

Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice.

I am beautiful inside and out.

Today, I let go of all that no longer serves me.

I accept and love myself, just the way I am.

I’m letting go of all my reasons and excuses for not loving myself.

I am more than a body.

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.

I have no fear of failure, I learn and challenge myself continuously.

The body achieves what the mind believes.

I will survive this as I have survived all other challenges before.
Positive Affirmation: Opportunity is Everywhere

This is a moment in time, it will pass.

My thoughts come and go freely. They do not define me.

I believe in my potential and not my past experiences.

It’s going to be okay.

My reality is created in my own mind, and I have the power to control it.

I am limited only by my vision of what is possible.

Everything is happening perfectly.

It is safe for me to shine.

Pain is temporary.

No negative energy formed against me shall prosper.

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Did you find one of go to positive affirmations on the list? Do you have another affirmation you use? Share it in the comments.

100 Positive Affirmations


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