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2021’s Hottest Holiday Reads

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Let’s be very clear here, when I say hottest holiday reads I mean scorching.

This list is written for those of us who prefer adult fiction over adult film. Keep that in mind. These books aren’t full of fluffy feel good scenes, there’s no closing the bedroom door or euphemisms cloaking what happens under the covers.

In fact, things like bedrooms and covers are rarely mentioned on these pages. That’s why we love them.

These books are not safe for public consumption. But they will surely warm you up on a long cold winter night.

Whether you’re looking for descriptive kink scenes, dirty talk or something that might be described as taboo this list has the book for you.

Hottest holiday reads of 2021

What makes these books special?

Let’s make one thing clear, these books are not meant to be read for their engaging and thoughtful story lines.
They certainly have scenes that took a lot of thought, planning and hopefully research to write.
It’s your favorite erotic tropes with a bit of holiday spirit.
X-Mas and Ohs the first line of the blurb is “she wants ohs for Christmas” if that’s not something we can all relate to…
We Three Kings is a MMM mafia romance.
Santa’s Dirty Secret is an age gap holiday romance
The Christmas Toy is a sizzling holiday reverse harem romance
Night Before features instalove and a May December relationship
Christmas at the Club is an anthology featuring all of our favorite BSDM authors.
Unwrapping his Package is an instalove holiday romance.
All I Want is a friends to lovers Christmas romance.
Santa’s Baby promises to bring you everything you’re too scared to ask Santa for. It a dad’s best friend love story.

As always every book I recommend has a satisfying happily ever after ending, because that’s important.

Want More?

You can find more holiday romance novels here and here. Perhaps you’re in the mood for MM holiday romance novels, I’ve got that too.

I’ve also got some amazingly dark and twisted romance recommendations that are sure to make you squirm.

Really hot holiday romance novels

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Steamy holiday romance novels


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