Gripping Psychological Thrillers including The Secrets She Keeps, Sometimes I lie, The Butterfly Garden and The Good Daughter
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Psychological Thrillers

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Psychological Thrillers… I know, not my usual cup of tea. But, my life has changed and for the first time in almost a decade I’ve found myself single. Perhaps the most difficult part of that transition was the realization that romance novels which used to be a huge source of comfort are no longer enjoyable.

It’s been almost three months since I’ve enjoyed a good love story! But, in reading, as in relationships, I believe that if something isn’t working, it’s time for a change.

So, I took to Goodreads searching for non-romantic books that I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’ll be honest, there wasn’t all that many of them. After several minutes of scrolling, I came across The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. This is a book that has stayed with me for years. I read it way back in 2016, but even years later, just thinking about it leaves me feeling the same sense of fear and dread I had when I was reading.

So, I decided Psychological Thrillers would be my genre of choice for the time being. It probably helps that so often these books show the less desirable side of relationships.

The Silent Patient was on the list of my Most Anticipated Books of 2019. Coincidentally, I happen to be about half way through The Silent Patient and it’s pretty amazing so far.

Anyway, the books on this list are psychological thrillers I’ve enjoyed over the years or the ones I plan to enjoy in the near future.

Gripping Psychological Thrillers

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It’s looking like I need to regrow my TBR
Has anyone watched You on Netflix? What did you think? I loved it, I think it only took me a month to watch the entire season!

Gripping psychological thrillers you wont' be able to put down

Gripping psychological thrillers you wont' be able to put down



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