2018's best books for kids Age 0 - 2
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2018’s Best Books for Kids Age 0 to 2

Best Books for Kids Age 0 – 2

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I love buying books for the children in my life. Problem is there are so many duds out there. These books are all tried and true, highly rated and amazing to look at. The best books for kids age 0 – 2 published this year.

A little while ago, I posted a list of amazing Classic Christmas Books Children Will Love. Which lead to me falling down the rabbit hole of making sure all the kids in my extended family have enough books to kep them interested for the whole year.

Books make great gifts, be it for the holidays or just because. We all know reading is important for children. I think it’s important to help foster that love at an early age.

These books are all appropriate for the littlest of kids. Board books they can slam around and suck on if they so desire. Pop up books, mirror books they can interact with.

Hearing words, even such a young age when they’re not likely to comprehend the meaning or why you’re doing it, can set them up for success later in life. It’s a wonderful bonding activity, a great way to learn their alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. Reading to a child helps them learn to listen (a skill many adults struggle with) it’s fun.

What I’ve also heard from the parents in my life is that reading to a small child takes some of the pressure off them  to always have a fun story to tell or a creative way to introduce new things. There’s enough pressure being a new parent, why add more?

2018's Best Books for Kids Age 0 - 2

These are some of the best children’s book I’ve found this year

2018’s Best Children’s Books Age 0 – 2

*** Books are in alphabetical order

1 Grumpy Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

This counting board book is an adorable treat. Bruce, the Grumpy bear doesn’t like how crowded his household is. This delightful book takes you through all the unwelcome guests with a fun lesson in counting thrown in.

8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie

This board book is the cutest thing. Take a journey around the solar system and build the foundation for an awesome lesson in acceptance and th idea that our differences are what makes us special.

Big Kid Bed by Leslie Patricelli

It seems there’s a nearly universal struggle in transition little ones from the crib to the bed. This awesome books will have you child excited to move on to their very own bed.

Chomp Goes the Alligator by Matthew Van Fleet

This book is so much fun, with pop ups and interactions. I had a great time with this one as an adult, no doubt children will love it that much more. If you only buy one book for the kid in your life this year, this one should be it.

Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

This is a lovely inspirational board book. Sharing stories of bold women who made the world a better place both through their actions and words. It’s so important to foster dreams in children and to start inspiring them at a young age.

Made for Me by Zack Bush

One thing that’s difficult to find in books geared toward the smallest of children are stories featuring fathers. This book is perfect for dads. With amazing illustrations detailing tender moments between a father and his child.

My First I See You by Eric Carle

This adorable mirror book put your chid as the star of this adorable tale. With colorful artwork and sweet rhymes, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one as much as your children.

Where does Pig Live? by Roger Priddy

If there’s one things the children in my life all seem to love it’s animls, animal noises to be specific. This search and find board book will have them learning new animals and finding them hiding behind felt flaps. How awesome is that?

Where’s the Unicorn by Nosy Crow

With felt flaps hiding magical creatures and amazingly colorful pictures this book will be a hit with any child. The twist at the end (the final flap is a mirror for the child to find themself) is such a witty and special treat any child would adore.

You Are Loved by Nancy Tillman

If there was ever a message every child should receive it’s that they are loved beyond measure. This book has space and prompts for parents to write special messages and memories for their children. This book will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find qulity books for the youngest children in our lives. These books are tactile and interactive and sure to be a hit for kids in this age group. Plus, the colourful imagry and adorable rhymes will bring joy to parents as well.

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