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Classic Christmas Stories For Kids

Classic Christmas Stories you can Read to your Children

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As a book blogger, it should be obvious books are an important part of my life. What might not be so obvious is how far back that love of books goes, how big of a role books played in my childhood.

One of my favorite Christmas time memories from my childhood was on Christmas Eve. My grandpa would gather all 19 of us grandchildren up and sit us down in front of the fire-place. He had us convinced if we were really well-behaved and quiet, Santa would think we were all asleep and come early. I‘m sure those were the only hours all year we didn’t get into trouble.

As we were sitting quietly, hoping to catch Santa coming down the chimney, he would read to us. He would read for hours until each one of us fell asleep – not an easy task with 19 children. Although that tradition is now being carried on by a new generation, my grandpa is still reading them the same stories I fondly remember.

These are the classic Christmas stories I loved hearing growing up. I’m sure these heartwarming tales will put a smile on your child’s face, teach important lessons, and bring some of the magic of holiday season into your home.

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Classi Christmas Stories for kids Book list,

Best Classic Christmas Books Of All Time

*** These books are listed in alphabetical order – not by level of favoritness or anything like that. How can anyone pick a favorite book?

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

This would be a wonderful book to read out loud to your children in the days leading up to Christmas.

We all know this story even if we haven’t read the book. It’s iconic and has been done time and time again through various cartoons, movies and television shows. Although it is a story we all know and love, I truly think it’s a book everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives. There is just so much that isn’t conveyed in the video reproductions.

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Frosty the Snowman

This seems to have started out as a song that was turned into a movie and lastly into a book. That seems like a bit of a backwards progression but what do I know? This is another one that is sung, danced and recited at elementary school Christmas concerts year after year. It’s a magical tale that your children will appreciate being able to experience at home.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss

It’s not a children’s book list without Dr. Seuss. The cute little rhymes and illustrations are sure to be a hit regardless of age and attention span. The story itself will no doubt provide much-needed lessons in humility and generosity. Take your children on a journey to Whoville, it’s not something they’re likely to forget anytime soon.

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Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkien

This is the one and only time Tolkien’s words have ever graced the pages in front of me. Yep, I might be the only book blogger who hasn’t read Lord of the Rings! While I’m sure I’ll never venture over to the high fantasy world of Middle Earth, if it’s anything like these letters I know it’s amazing.

Letters from Father Christmas details the wonderful adventures Santa found himself on over the last year. Complete with colorful illustrations and the fanciful antics of Polar Bear and a race of Goblins this book is sure to bring the magic of the holiday season to readers of all ages.

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Robert L. May

Who doesn’t remember having to sing this sound in school? It was a given in every Christmas concert I’ve taken part in. Even today, I’ve seen it sung, acted, and recited time and time again when I go to my nieces and nephews Christmas concerts. It’s a childhood favorite with a wonderful lesson regarding loving yourself and accepting others as they are.

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T’was The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

“T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…” even at 30 years old, it’s not Christmas without this book. This was a holiday staple in every home when I was younger, I imagine it still is today.

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The Elves and the Shoemaker by Jacob Grimm

This story is exactly as the title promises. A poor shoemaker is struggling to stay afloat and elves arrive to help him do his work. It’s a sweet story with a lesson people of all ages will no doubt appreciate.

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The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by Frank Baum

Have you ever wondered what Santa Claus was like when he was younger? How did he become the man we know and love today? This is a lively tale outlining the life of the man in red.

Children have loved this book for generations and I can’t imagine that stopping anytime soon. Full of beautiful illustrations and whimsical creatures it’s bound to bring delight to all young and old.

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The Nutcracker and The Mouse King by E.T.A Hoffmann

What could be more enchanting than Christmas toys coming alive and whisking a child off to a magical kingdom populated by dolls? This story has been redone by the likes of Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Care Bears and Tom and Jerry not to mention the popular ballet based of the tale.

This is a story children are sure to love.

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The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen

You know when you a kid and you don’t understand how horrible the world is? As a kid, this was the sweetest love story. The tin soldier finds his way back to the paper ballerina. The book ends with the reader knowing they’ll be together for eternity. Sweet, isn’t it? Probably my first exposure to the love stories I am now so fond of.

Reading this book as an adult is a much different experience. My seven-year-old niece adores the tale, just like I did when I was her ago. But she can’t figure out why it makes me so sad.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it. 10 Christmas themed books your children are sure to love. Gather them up around the fire and read to them in the evenings. Reading is such a powerful way to stimulate young minds. This is especially important during Christmas break when they’re not in school.

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Let’s Talk

What are your favorite Christmas books? Will you be reading any of these to your children over the holiday season?

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Classic Christmas Stories for kids Book list


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