Tall, Dark and Irresistable
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Tall, Dark and Irresistible

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Tall, Dark and Irresistible introduces us to Peyton and Leo and allows us a glimpse into their fake relationship.

Tall, Dark and Irresistible


Publication Date:  August 28, 2018
Genre:  Romance
Source: Social Butterfly PR
Length: 132 pages
Story Rating: 3/5

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Review (Rant)

Let’s use our imagination for a bit.

Picture your neighbour (well, my neighbour, but I’m sure you have one just like him). The middle-aged, balding man with a belly that always hangs down below his shirt. He’s a friendly guy, always eager to talk to you. You know the guy who keeps trying to talk for 20 minutes after you say you really need to get going. Your neighbor might be a bit different, mine likes to spend his summer afternoons laying on the grass in his front yard eating cookies, and drinking coke while rubbing his belly and scratching his junk.

How would you react if you found out this man had not only told his family he was in a committed relationship with you, but had gone so far as to Photoshop pictures he found from stalking your social media profiles, and creating collaborating stories to make it look like you’re together? I would be creeped the heck out, I’d feel pretty unsafe in that situation. Especially if I found out it had been going on for several months.

If you read the first three chapters of Tall, Dark and Irresistible imagining someone attractive, it’s the start of a romance novel.

If you read the same three chapters imagining someone unattractive, it’s an episode of CSI Cyber (or Criminal Minds, since I might be the only person who remembers that show).

Peyton met Leo in college, she had a crush on him but nothing ever happened because he was with someone else. Years later, she’s still hung up on him. Still stalking him on social media. Look, I know we all do this, but we don’t all copy photos and Photoshop ourselves into them. Even if we do, we don’t send them to anyone under the guise of ‘look how real my relationship is,’ and regale them with stories about when those pictures were taken.

This is why I have to give the book three stars. Bad behaviour shouldn’t be glamorized or romanticized. What she did was messed up and in reality should have resulted in some serious counselling and perhaps a restraining order, not a relationship.

Review (for real this time)

First three chapters aside this book was fabulous! I enjoyed watching the characters get to know each other.  Peyton’s mom made me giggle with her poorly timed mentions of the adult activities she knew her daughter was partaking in. She was very much like my mother!

I thought Peyton and Leo were both well-developed characters. Although Peyton’s actions at the beginning of the book were despicable, I found myself caring for her and wanting her to be happy.

Leo was a wonderful book boyfriend. He was kind, attentive, loyal and an excellent partner for bedroom olympics. He also wasn’t a player. Even though I was expecting a ladies man given the description, I appreciated the significance he placed on relationships.

Being honest, I will probably read more of Erika Wilde’s work in the future. I adored her writing style, and the humour within the chapters. I loved watching Leo realize his feelings for Peyton. The pacing was good, I didn’t find myself bored or scribbling down my grocery list while reading this one.

Overall, Tall, Dark and Irresistible was an upbeat and engaging take on the fake relationship trope.  Although the beginning ruined the book for me, I can easily see why it would be a five-star read for others.

If you enjoy fake relationship stories and find the idea of photoshopping someone into your pictures to prove the realness of your relationship funny as opposed to nightmare worthy, I’m confident you will love this book. Don’t let my issues keep you from something you’ll probably enjoy!

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