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Chilling True Crime Novels to keep you up all night

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Until recently True Crime books weren’t even on my radar. Usually when I delve into non-fiction it’s to read a self improvement book, to learn a new skills or otherwise better myself. So, how did I wind up with an entire page dedicated to true crime on my Kindle?

That’s a very valid question. See this whole social distance, working from home thing has led me to learn some strange things about my self.

I deal with some pretty heavy stuff as a professional. Before I worked from home, my house was my happy place. I purposely avoided things that would lead to negative emotions. Which means I read a lot of romance novels with guaranteed happy endings.

Now that I’m working from home, it’s a bit harder to escape all the negativity. So I’ve found a way to embrace it.

True crime novels are as engaging as any thriller or suspense. Most of them read like fiction, some are so horrific it’s hard to remember that you’re reading non-fiction.

So double check the locks on your doors and windows, and get ready to lose your self in a reality so much worse than you would ever want to imagine. I would recommend reading these when you can stay up all night without consequence.

True Crime Novels

My Favorite True Crime Books

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

If this book was marketed as as everyday thriller we would call it creeping, thrilling even. That’s exactly what this book reads as a thrilling suspenseful tale of murder and devastation. Had I not known before hand, I never would have guessed. It’s even told in alternating perspectives like some of my favorite love stories (but there’s nothing romantic about this one). The fact that it details the exploits of Americas first serial killer is absolutely chilling.
Truth be told though, this book focuses a lot on the building of the fairs wheel and I skimmed through a lot of the more technical bits. None the less this story is creepy. It will leave you unsettled and have you sleeping with the lights on for days afterwards.

Small Sacrifices by Anne Rule

A mother shoots her three young kids… this story should be fiction, I wish it was fiction. But, it’s not and the mother is eligible for parole this year, because it’s not scary enough without that little tidbit. This story stuck with me. You’ll flip through the pages with a broken heart. You’ll want to put the book down and never think about something so horrible again but a part of you will need to finish the story. At over 700 pages this is a beast of a book but you’ll be engaged with every page.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

You truly can’t have a list of true crime books without Helter Skelter. I didn’t know what to expect going in to this one, but it’s written by the prosecuting attorney of the case and offers a deeply chilling perspective on a case everyone has heard about. It’s twisted, it’s scary and it will have you have you up in the middle of the night wondering how one person could have so much influence and control over others.

Want More?

I totally get it, true crime isn’t for everybody. I have this amazing list of Psychological Thrillers that will probably still keep you up all night without the added stress of knowing it’s true.

If you’re a non fiction fan, you might enjoy this list of the biographies ever written or my most anticipated new releases of 2020?

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Let’s Talk

Do you read true crime books? What are you favorites? Which other books belong on this list?

True crime books - you might never sleep again

The best true crime books



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